the BIG interview ‘The consumer is ever evolving’

Amica sales and marketing director Rod Jones discusses the manufacturer’s growth and its desire to continue improving


he Amica brand has been manufacturing kitchen appliances for over 70 years, and

is now the largest Polish manufacturer of domestic appliances. Recently appointed sales and marketing

director Rod Jones comments: “Amica has grown internationally across Europe, via a portfolio of key brands, and now operates subsidiaries in Scandinavia, Russia, Germany, Spain, France and the UK. “In 2015 Amica added a key UK brand to

the portfolio with the acquisition of The CDA Group. Today, both Amica and CDA operate from headquarters in the East Midlands. This partnership brings a wealth of experience together with the convenience of centrally located distribution, a UK customer support network and access to our own European factories and supply chain to bring a reliable source of quality appliances to the marketplace.” As the company has grown, so has the

product range available to UK retailers. Rod notes: “Amica UK offer a complete range of high quality, affordable freestanding and built-in kitchen appliances including: microwaves, cookers, dishwashers, extractors, hobs, laundry products, ovens and refrigeration.” The business has also refreshed its

marketing materials, aiming to appeal to the customer base of its retail partners. “The Amica UK brand has been restyled

to match our customer portfolio with a new ‘Amica for living’ strapline for our logo and brand new lifestyle imagery for our brochure and point of sale,” explains Rod. “We want this refreshed styling to appeal to national and electrical retailer customers so that we have the chance to offer them a complete range of products with our delivery, service and guarantee support network.” Changes have also continued on

the product side. Rod adds: “Our latest product launch includes a range of stylish freestanding wine coolers in three widths and two colour variants. Each model is fitted with the best humidity, anti-vibration, UV-protective and electronically controlled technology to look great in the kitchen whilst protecting and maintaining the integrity of your wine collection.” Rod believes that Amica’s commitment

to development is something that sets the company apart. “We are continually looking to advance and improve every element of our business,” he explains. “From our central UK location, we hold significant stocks for

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next day delivery, operate our own logistics network, and have added home delivery, all to ensure optimised availability. “We also operate our own customer care

centre and nationwide service engineer network, hence Amica is a fully supported brand for both trade and end user.”

Bringing innovation The commitment to improvement becomes even more important given the business climate, Rod adds. “Everyone in the industry is aware of the challenges we face with Brexit, exchange rates, ever changing legislations and the needs of a growing customer network,” he says. “We are meeting these challenges, overcoming them daily and are always grateful to our retailers for the support and loyalty that they show us, as well as their feedback and communication that helps us to be the best supplier that we can be.” Rod also recognises that retailers are facing

growing pressure from demanding consumers. “The main feedback that we are getting is that the customer is requesting more and more from their kitchen design, budget, and the performance of their appliances,” he says. “Value for money is paramount with so much competition around and we need to do everything we can to support our retailers in meeting these demands.” While there are plenty of challenges in the

marketplace, there are still opportunities in the sector.

“The consumer is ever evolving in their

purchasing behaviours,” explains Rod. “Whilst the consumer is better informed that in the past, there is still a desire and need for the consumer to be assured product quality and service. Increasingly, service and customer care are paramount in today’s competitive environment. “Retailers offering the strongest customer

service and care proposition will reap the rewards of these opportunities, and will need to partner with brands offering a comprehensive service proposition, such as Amica.” Product development also contributes

opportunity to the market. “The consumer is requesting more

automated performance from their kitchen, including: wine cooler storage, dishwasher cleaning, integrated microwave cooking, better laundry performance and intelligent oven cooking,” Rod notes. “This is an opportunity for Amica to bring innovation into our range and for the retailers to upsell and cross sell additional products to match the consumers’ expectations.”

Amica offers a broad range of major domestic appliances, from cookers and hoods, to wine coolers, dishwashers and laundry products

September 2018

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