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Dominik comments: “An effective in-store demonstration is key in securing consumer interest and that all important sale. Product knowledge is also vital.

Consumers are

prepared to pay for innovative technology that delivers genuine health benefits

“Premium brands such as Tefal heavily

invest in creative merchandising point of sale material and informative consumer literature to promote their product ranges, particularly those that have advanced features such as the new Tefal ActiFry Genius XL. Retailers should always utilise manufacturer produced sales support tools to assist at point of purchase.” With demand for healthy eating continuing,

there remain plenty of opportunities for retailers to engage with customers. Iain says: “Whether it’s protein shakes, egg

white omelettes or a power smoothie, people are increasingly looking to prepare healthy meals at home. Consider refreshing your displays to make your collection of blenders and choppers really appealing to those


looking for food preparation gadgets to help them achieve their healthy eating goals. “For those on a caffeine detox, our Beko Sense Kettle offers four variable temperatures to boil water for herbal teas (which should never be served boiling). Nuggets of information such as these can help staff make sales and up-sell.” Smriti adds that demos are an excellent way

to highlight technologies. “As people becoming increasingly more concerned with healthy living, consumer demonstrations are a great way to highlight innovative technologies that your products feature, like steam for example,” she explains.

“Through ‘hands on’ experience, consumers remain engaged and build a connection with the appliance, as well as gain a unique insight into how to best utilise product features. “Regular staff training sessions can help

strengthen product knowledge to ensure that the health benefits of cooking with, for example sous vide, are articulated to consumers.” While inspiring customers is helpful in terms of ensuring their healthy lifestyle is supported, it also ensures greater interest in the new and innovative products that make it easier to live and cook healthily – and brings in sales. Iain notes: “With the right appliances

anyone can master the art of preparing healthy meals from scratch, whether they are feeding their family or entertaining friends.”

Food preservation has become increasingly important to many consumers, with technology introduced to help keep fruit and veg fresher for longer

UK appliance brand Stoves has launched its new Made in Britain range cooker collection with market leading features, to put it at the forefront of innovation in the range cooking category. Stoves has doubled the size of its Richmond and Sterling collections with the introduction of Deluxe range cooker options, making it the only brand to manufacture range cookers offering four ovens, including a ground breaking three to four oven converter, the Pro-Flex™ Cavity Splitter, on 900mm widths. The Deluxe models also include the Zeus™ Bluetooth® connected timer and the innovative Steam & Infuse™ cooking accessory, which allows consumers to achieve healthier, tastier results quicker. The 1000mm and 1100mm Deluxe models are also the only range cookers on

the market to offer a Gas-Through-Glass hotplate with powerful twin 5kw power wok™ plus burners.

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The new Made in Britain range cooker collection from Stoves includes innovations such as the Pro-Flex™ Cavity Splitter and 5kw power wok™ plus burners

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