small domestic appliances

Average spend has increased in the SDA market, with consumers opting to buy appliances which have more features or that they expect to last longer

filter machines) have recovered, as have worktop cooking and food prep categories.”

‘We are seeing the average selling price increase’ While the SDA market is a diverse one, there are some general trends which appear to be affecting the majority of the market. BSH consumer products category manager Alexandra Barclay comments: “We are seeing the average selling price increase as consumers are spending slightly more money on longer lasting appliances. “Within kettles and toasters we are seeing a slight shift in purchasing, as colours such as the previously hugely popular rose gold are being ditched in favour of traditional stainless steel.”

Rod agrees that consumers seem to be

looking for longer lasting products, as well as ones which can help support a healthier lifestyle. “The growth in coffee, worktop and food prep is primarily driven by millennial consumers who are shopping for appliances to help them lead healthy lifestyles and create extra time in their busy lifestyles by simplifying cooking processes, making them quicker and more convenient,” he explains. “The premium end of the market is more

resilient than the everyday low price end of the market where volume sales are struggling and retailers are reacting with aggressive pricing tactics to protect their share of trade.” The healthy living trend is a key one within the SDA marketplace. Beko plc senior marketing manager Iain Starkey comments: “Thanks to the growing wellness trend, food preparation has transformed from something that once was an essential everyday task, to a popular and shareable pastime. “Over 1.5m uses of the hashtag ‘food prep’

have appeared on Instagram to date, with consumers sharing photos of healthy at-home prepared foods, showing off their cooking skills and healthy eating lifestyles. “The food preparation opportunity is

SDAs often provide an opportunity to add colour to the kitchen, and as such can be used as part of eye-catching displays in-store

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therefore a profitable one for retailers. When selling food preparation products, retailers should encourage confidence in their customers, that with the right appliances anyone can master the art of preparing healthy meals from scratch, before introducing

them to appliances such as Beko’s range of food preparation gadgets.” Consumers who enjoy a particular style or

design in SDA can also be drawn into a certain degree of brand loyalty.

The premium end

of the market is more resilient than the everyday low price end of the market

Lucy comments: “For us, our small appliances prove a particularly good ‘entry level’ product to the brand – students, young professionals and couples moving into their first home together may purchase a kettle or toaster in the first instance, but soon expand to fridges, ovens and cookers at a later date. “Our small appliance range also stands out on the market due to its playful design and fun use of colour – the vast majority of our products come in a wide choice of colourways, from pretty pastels to bold brights and stylish metallics, meaning you can mix-and-match as you please or opt for one streamlined colour palette. It is this flexibility which our customers tend to love, but also represents the fun nature of the Smeg brand perfectly.”

September 2018

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