sales training: magimix ‘Inspire your customers’

Magimix UK training and demonstration manager Christine Hudson gives us her advice on how to get key messages across at point of sale


ne of the most important messages retailers should be trying to pass on to their customers is just how much

you can do with a Magimix food processor. A Magimix is for much more than just slicing, chopping or grating. While they are very useful for those time-saving advantages, you can also whisk, mix, blend, knead – even now when I train retailers who have sold Magimix products for years, they learn new skills that they didn’t know a Magimix could do. The multifunction message can be explained with examples and discussion, but the most compelling, and delicious, way to get it across is definitely by demonstration. Inspiring your customers can be a great way to get the key features and benefits across, and if you have the space in-store, then demonstrations are the perfect way to show consumers just how much they can do. Practice using the machine so you get

comfortable with how it works, and what it can do. Decide on some recipes you might want to demo, such as a simple and tasty dip, or if you also have cooking capacity, how about

combining making some bread dough in the Magimix before popping it into an oven to get the smell of freshly baked bread into the store? If you measure out your ingredients

beforehand, you can show off exactly how quick and easy it is to prepare delicious meals. The simplicity of the Magimix is a compelling message. With only three buttons, Stop, Auto and Pulse, the machine takes away a lot of complexity for the consumer. They only need to decide what they want to do – be that slice, grate, knead and so on – and fit the correct attachment. Once Auto is pressed, the food processor will automatically run until Stop is pressed. For consumers who want more immediate control, holding Pulse will start the food processor and it will stop when the button is released. In both cases the food processor automatically adjusts the power according to the job that it’s doing. It is all about making it as easy as possible for the user to make fresh, delicious food. Make use of the Point of Sale (POS) materials

too. They’re designed to help remind you of some of the main benefits of the Magimix range, such as our large capacities, the multifunctional uses, and perhaps some of the optional add-on tools like the citrus press (5200XL only) or julienne disc attachment. By highlighting the advantages of each

Multifunctionality is a key message – a Magimix food processor can chop, slice, grate, blend, mix, whisk and knead

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appliance, you can make sure the customer gets the right Magimix for their needs. How many people do they tend to cook for? Do they like hosting dinner parties or entertaining? What sort of meals are they making? Are they a keen baker? If you find out your customer’s habits and needs in the kitchen, you can help them make the right purchasing decision – and ensure they are satisfied when they take their purchase home and get cooking. Other advantages to help ensure consumer confidence include our three year parts guarantee and our unbeatable 30 year motor warranty – the motor is the same as we use for our commercial machines, so they’re built to last forever. Also, some other food processors or blenders can be extremely noisy, meaning customers don’t like to use them as much. Magimix’s food processors have been tested by Quiet Mark, and certified as having quiet operation, ideal for the home, and are the only products of their kind to have been acknowledged in this way. Our Mini, Midi and Maxi bowls are all made from extra strong Tritan and are BPA free –

Different consumers want different things from their small appliances, with added attachments like the Magimix Blend and Go cups appealing to those with busy lifestyles

reassuring customers that they are buying a product which will last them a very long time. That is part of the Magimix ethos. We want

customers to buy products, use them and love them, not take them home and stick them in the cupboard. Teaching customers how much they can do with a food processor is a big part of that, giving them the confidence to use it regularly to really help them in the kitchen.

The inspiration does not end when the customer leaves the store either. Our food processors come with a recipe book with 100 ideas to get them cooking at home, and we also have a free Magimix recipe app which allows users to not only search hundreds of original and classic recipes by appliance, keyword, type of dish or diet, but join the Magimix community and submit their own. With good advice at point of sale and the ongoing support in aftersales and recipes, customers will get the right product for them, use it, love it and return to their trusted retailer in the future.

September 2018

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