small domestic appliances As a fast-moving range of categories, it is

important for retailers to keep an eye on the latest trends in SDA. “This time last year we were looking at juicers due to popular ‘health kicks’ amongst millennials; this year, coffee seems to be making a comeback, which is particularly due to the increasing demand for urban coffee brands popping up in major UK cities,” explains Lucy. “In line with this, we’ve developed new

pastel colourways for our existing ECF01 espresso machine, and will shortly be introducing our first ever drip filter coffee machine. This new design perfectly embodies the 50s diner, retro-style design of all Smeg small appliances and has been incredibly well received amongst those who have been awarded a sneak preview!”

‘Cater for the consumer experience’ When it comes to selling shoppers on SDA, demos are always a compelling proposition, although it pays to be prepared. “Effective product demonstrations are

key; there is nothing worse than a demo not going to plan or a sales team unsure of a product’s capability,” Lucy notes. “As well as traditional leaflets and product packs it’s also worth preparing short videos to be displayed on a screen, where possible. These are far more interactive and can help engage with a customer instantly.”

Rod also advises using an interactive

approach to engage with consumers and stand out from other retailers. “This

is not new news but retailers need to focus on differentiating themselves by catering for the consumer experience,” he advises. “Retailers that knit together the off- line and on-line experience and importantly emphasise superior service to the consumer will succeed. “Younger consumers value brands and

retailers who can offer a complete service and are more likely to show long term loyalty to those brands and retailers.”

Key seasonal

promotional events such as Black Friday and Easter will continue to grow in importance to the SDA market

Alexandra also advises paying sufficient

attention to an omnichannel approach. “Online sales are continuing to increase, so it is important to have a strong presence with richer media content such as videos and imagery,” she says. “Reviews are also imperative. We are seeing that stores with fewer products on shelf but more point of sale (PoS) to explain the features are better able to trade consumers up to more premium products.”

With the right approach, there is no reason

for enthusiasm for the SDA market to wane in the near future. Lucy comments: “One can only expect it to continue to grow, with new developments in technology and design at the forefront of the SDA market. This will largely be due to popular trends and demand amongst customers for certain products.” While remaining popular, there will continue

to be sharp competition, Alexandra notes. “Overall it is expected to continue being a

tough market as competitors are continually pushing to be the front of mind brand,” she says. “We are expecting key events such as Black Friday to drive a huge spike in sales towards the end of the year as consumers are looking to get the best deals.” Rod adds: “There are many opportunities

for brands and retailers. Opportunities within the kitchen focussed on lifestyle trends, and making cooking processes and practises more convenient and quick, will gain traction as younger consumers increasingly value time as a rare commodity.” In terms of sales performance, he adds: “Key seasonal promotional events such as Black Friday and Easter will continue to grow in importance to the SDA market and grow share of trade. “The online channel, which should not be seen in isolation, but as part of the consumer journey, will continue to grow its transactional share of the market, specifically driven by sales via mobile devices.”

Big Red Sales chefs cook up a storm – for increased sales W

e all know it pays to demonstrate. And that is particularly true when it comes to SDAs. But now you can forget Masterchef and The Great British

Bake Off! It’s the Keith and Steve Show courtesy of Big Red Sales. The nationwide sales agency - whose brands include Morphy Richards – has been running a series of highly successful in-store demos, with retailer customers enjoying increased sales as a result. When staging these demos the Big Red Sales team concentrate mainly

on food preparation and cooking – and that includes blenders, mixers, spiralizers, slow cookers, soup makers, multicookers and bread makers. A man with a lot of demos under his apron is Big Red Sales regional manager for Morphy Richards, Keith Woods (pictured left, with Big Red Sales national account manager Steve Cox, right) who says: “A demonstration always helps create ‘theatre’ in store and is great for catching peoples’ attention. Plus, the delicious aromas wafting from the soup and bread makers soon draw consumers into the store to find out what’s going on.” The demos are held by the sales agency free of charge, with the

relevant Big Red Sales agent organising and supervising the demo, as well as making regular visits to check stock and recommend the latest products to refresh a retailer’s range. Steve adds: “We always find the soup maker to be the most popular

product to demo. The lovely aromas of warm tasty soup will soon have the customers flocking in on a cold day. And of course they love tasting it too.”

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