InSinkErator® illustrates the problem of food waste I

nSinkErator® has created an infographic to highlight the shocking

amount of food that is being wasted, in an effort to change consumer behaviours and attitudes towards throwing edible food into the bin. The infographic illustrates how much food

is thrown away; the reasons for households discarding the food, and the emissions generated from food waste at landfill. The UK churns out 15 million tonnes of food waste a year with seven million tonnes generated by households. Of the estimated seven million tonnes of food discarded by homes every year nearly half of it is still edible. 74 per cent of households admitted to throwing food away due to the lack of a proper shopping list, while 24 per cent had forgotten what was in their fridge.

National Quiet Day: washing machines disturbing the peace


mini-poll commissioned for National Quiet Day has found that, even with the

latest noise reduction technology available in modern washing machines, 15 per cent of those surveyed are putting up with a washing machine that sounds like an aeroplane taking off in their kitchen. Conducted via Trend-Monitor, the mini-poll

also revealed that more than one in four people compared the sound of their washing machine to that of noisy road traffic. Eight per cent of respondents likened the noise of their appliance to the peaceful sound of rustling leaves. Home appliance manufacturer,

Whirlpool commissioned the mini- poll of over 1,300 adults to highlight the vast differences in washing machine noise output levels. Thanks

to modern technological innovations, Whirlpool holds the Quiet Mark accreditation for three of its Supreme Care washing machines. The Quiet Mark is awarded to manufacturers who incorporate ‘quiet’ into their designs, meaning consumers can get on with life, undisturbed by the sound of their washing machine. Wednesday 11th September 2019 marked the

fourth annual National Quiet Day, which aims to highlight the importance for people to find time for more peace and quiet in their lives.

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InSinkErator® is an active campaigner in encouraging the disposal of food waste sustainably, and advises composting wherever possible. Where this option is not possible, however, an InSinkErator® food waste disposer is the ideal alternative for diverting food waste from ending up in landfill and it also helps to reduce greenhouse gases and the household’s carbon footprint. Food waste is ground into minute sized

particles, thanks to the innovative system of stainless steel grinding rings. The food waste is then dispatched and simply rinsed away safely down the drain, through the standard plumbing. In addition, where there is an anaerobic digester within the sewage system, the nutrients from the food waste can be recovered and turned into biogas and fertiliser.

Pioneer introduces two ’reference’ AV receivers


nkyo & Pioneer Corporation recently announced details of its new

11.2-channel network AV receivers, the SC- LX904 and SC-LX704, aimed at customers looking for top class home theatre, plus a new SACD Player & D/A Converter, the PD- 50A, a disc player with MQA compatibility. The SC-LX904 and SC-LX704 have the latest

version of Pioneer's "Direct Energy HD Amplifier", a unique implementation of Class D Amplifier technology that delivers prodigiously powerful multi-channel amplification of 215Wx 11 ch (LX904) and 205W x 9 ch (LX704). The Direct Energy HD Amplifier, which drives all channels equally, is the ultimate embodiment of Pioneer's "Multi-Channel Stereophonic Philosophy", one that is applied from the beginning to end of the audio signal processing. The SC-LX904 and SC-LX704 employ two ESS9026 384 kHz/32-bit high quality DACs, to equalise all channel signal processing from the outset. These class-leading AV receivers will offer consumers a new level of

sight, sound and scale thanks to their integration of IMAX Enhanced technology, a sure-fire way to deliver a premier immersive at-home entertainment experience. Thanks to their Direct Energy HD Amplifier technology, the SC-LX904 and SC-LX704 make the very most of the latest surround formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Both models also incorporate a host of state-

of-the-art Pioneer audio technologies designed to ensure easy set-up and reference-grade sound. During initial set-up, the company's "MCACC (Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System) PRO" helps tune the receivers' output for your room (via the supplied custom microphone), the system automatically compensating for differences in speaker size, level and distance. What's more, "Full-band Phase Control" in MCACC PRO achieves even more precise sonic tailoring by adjusting the group delay occurring at each speaker. Since MCACC PRO correction is effective for speakers installed high-up, it creates a seamless surround sound field, from floor to ceiling.

September 2019

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