feature: SDA update

Small but perfectly formed

They’re the small appliances which can sometimes be overshadowed by their larger cousins, but the SDA market in the UK continues to perform well in uncertain economic times. Of course, this may be due in part to their smaller ticket prices but as we head into autumn, we take a look at this staple of the independent retail sector and try to get a sense for where the market is heading.


ccording to Caroline Ross, Marketing Manager at Groupe SEB UK Ltd,

things aren’t looking too bad at the moment. “The SDA market has continued to perform well year-on-year. Specifically, as in previous years, the market has been driven by innovation and successfully responding to key consumer trends.” In terms of innovation, there is one

technology which is becoming ever more prevalent, as Catrin Davies, senior product manager at Hoover SDA, explains. “We continue to see consumers moving towards cordless over corded vacuum cleaners, which has had an impact on sales. Cordless is the number one choice for consumers with over 50 per cent of the market share in the UK by the end of 2018. The rise in cordless can be attributed to a shift in consumer requirements and a desire to clean little and often.” In terms of trends, it seems consumers are being inspired by many sources, not least of which is the continuing TV phenomenon which is The Great British Bake Off. Caroline Ross explains how Tefal is looking to tap into this market.

“Tefal has just launched the Cake Factory which will create a new product category in home baking. 34% of UK households now bake at least once a week with cake being the nation’s favourite thing to bake. Interestingly, there is a

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4.6% sales increase in the home baking isle in Grocers during the Great British Bake Off! “But whilst home baking is hugely popular, it can be difficult, messy and stressful as we all know having been there and made the same

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