Audiologic supplies Excite AV with QSC solution at London hotspot


ower 42 in the City of London is home to Jason Atherton’s modern, Michelin star

restaurant, City Social. Situated on the 24th floor, the venue commands spectacular views across the Metropolis and serves the best of British ingredients in an elegant art- deco environment. As well as serving an extensive range of cocktails, fine wines and beers, Social 24, the venue’s bar, also hosts popular and busy DJ nights. The City Social management team faced a number of issues relating to its audio provision and consulted with integrators Excite AV and the Application Team at Audiologic to help determine a practical way to overcome some tricky problems. The basic brief was to deliver a new background music system that could be used as a main system for DJ events. The existing ceiling speaker system suffered

from uneven sound and coverage, with 100V line speakers dotted only near the windows and above the bar. On busy nights as customers gathered on the dance floor, any lift in volume overpowered conversations in the peripheral

areas yet lacked sufficient dynamic range in the central dance floor area. To overcome this problem, the venue had used larger suspended speakers on DJ nights but the unique design of the building transmitted vibration to the floor below and had led to the installation of an inconvenient noise-limiter to avoid complaints from other users of the building. Having taken account of the setting and its challenges, Audiologic and Excite AV recommended a QSC solution and arranged a demonstration of QSC speakers at the manufacturer’s London demo room. Suitably impressed by what they heard, the support they received and the speed with which Audiologic was able to provide a quote, City Social went ahead with the design. Excite AV installed 6 x QSC AD-S6T 6.5inch

surface-mounted speakers, 8 x QSC AC-C6T high-quality 6.5-inch ceiling mount loudspeakers and 2 x QSC AD-81Tw 8-inch ceiling mounted subwoofers. The system is powered by 2 x QSC CXD4.2 processing amplifiers. A Cloud LE1W Remote Input Plate to provide a connection for an audio source completed the picture.

Cambridge Audio announces the new CX Series 2 hi-fi


ambridge Audio recently unveiled the CX Series 2, a major update to its CX range of hi-fi components. The CX Series 2

range will be available from October 2019. In the five years since its launch, the original CX Series has gained

widespread acclaim for its modern, digital-first approach, impeccable performance, modern styling and value for money; but with technology marching onwards, Cambridge Audio’s engineers felt it was time for a hardware refresh. Enter the CXA61 and CXA81, a pair of integrated amplifiers that, while they use the old CXA60 and CXA80 models as starting points, are fully reimagined, reengineered and reinvigorated for 2019. Setting a new level for performance for the price, both amplifiers are designed to appeal to hi-fi fans and newcomers alike, bringing full-fat hi-fi into the home at an affordable price. The CX hardware isn’t alone in getting a refresh. Cambridge Audio’s popular Connect iOS and Android app, compatible with the CXN (V2) and the company’s other network audio streamers, has been given a major feature overhaul and rebrand. Built from the ground-up by Cambridge Audio’s in-house team of app developers, the new Stream Magic app offers smoother network performance, a customisable Hub tab giving fast access to the most- used features and an improved interface.

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Brand new small domestic appliances – exclusively for Euronics agents


ombined Independents (Holdings) Ltd (CIH) has extended its range of small domestic

appliances that are exclusive to Euronics agents. The brand new range from Linsar includes a variable temperature kettle and four-slice toaster.. The Euronics exclusive, Linsar, four-slice toaster benefits from three

functions (defrost, reheat and cancel) and six heat settings to provide perfect results every time. Furthermore, the Linsar model ensures the worktop is kept clean and tidy thanks to the removable crumb tray and it has handy and convenient, retractable, cord storage for when the toaster is not in use. A further addition to the range is the brand new, Linsar, cordless jug

kettle with a 1.75 litre capacity. It boasts a variable temperature control feature that allows users to easily set the temperature of the water. Users can set the temperature from boiling down to 40 °C, which is ideal for making the perfect cup of coffee and for speciality teas that require a lower water temperature.

To complement a variety of consumer styles and tastes, the new Linsar small domestic appliances are available in a modern satin finish of red, white, cream or black - matching the current Linsar range of kettles and toasters. What’s more, the new appliances benefit from a robust three year warranty.

September 2019

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