feature: SDA update

products that meet this demand, our strategy has been to develop multifunctional lift out models which has generated tremendous results. “Demand is also there for vacuums that cater

for the demands of the 21st century too; think compact models for ease of storage, like the new H-FREE 500 and those that are ultra-quiet such as the Hoover Telios Extra for those with pets or young children.” So with the SDA market still strong, and consumer interest in them holding firm, how can retailers make the most of the opportunities this represents? Caroline Ross cites demonstrations and use of point of sale materials as key. “An effective in-store demonstration is key in securing consumer interest and that all important sale. Product knowledge is also vital. Premium brands such as Tefal heavily invest in creative merchandising POSM and informative consumer literature to promote their product ranges, particularly those that are unique to the market such as the new Tefal Cake Factory. Retailers should always utilise manufacturer produced sales support tools to assist at point of purchase.” Tefal is also helping, as she explains. “To

ensure the success of this new product launch, there will be a major fully integrated marketing communications programme in 2019 to

effectively communicate the unique benefits of the Tefal Cake Factory.” James Aldridge urges retailers to minimise the clutter. “Keeping displays clean and simple can

ensure your showroom is not overwhelming and cluttered. Take the time to make sure all items are clearly visible, attractively displayed and within reach. Ensure the point of sale material is up-to-date and correctly positioned to enable the customer to absorb all the product information. “Having a selection of products and brands

on show, and in the window where there is one, is important for drawing customers in; however, customer service is critical. If staff are knowledgeable, polite, and passionate and understand the brand and products then a customer will certainly be engaged; you will be seen as the experts and your knowledge and advice appreciated, for which customers will return. “It is always important for the independent

retailer to find out what the customer likes and dislikes about their current small domestic appliance, how often they use it and what features they find most beneficial, and even what feature they would wish for. This will help the retailer to advise an appliance which is best suited to them.

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“Euronics agents partake in training

opportunities with new suppliers to ensure they are up to date with the latest information and therefore able to advise and guide the consumer to the very best appliances and technology, when comparing models and brands, advising on the very best small domestic appliances to meet the consumer’s needs. “Consumers will be checking competitor

prices on the internet whilst in store, also known as ‘show-rooming’. It is very difficult to compete with this; however, the independent retailer has something the internet can never offer; face-to-face engagement to show, demonstrate and tell and excellent customer service. Euronics agents also have access to a large database of appliances available to the customer, which they can order and personally deliver to the customer.” Catrin Davies agrees that a clearly visible display is key. “When it comes to successfully selling vacuum cleaners, in-store demonstrations and a display which is clearly visible are both essential. “A lot of the time, customers will do research online before coming into store to see the product in the flesh and are looking for the reassurance that they are making the right decision. It is up to the retailer to have a display that showcases this.”

September 2019

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