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There has never been more interest among consumers in healthy cooking, a fact which has not passed the major brands by. In our first feature this month, we cast an eye over the market in the company of some of the sector’s biggest brands.


ane Rylands, Head of Marketing Communications for Stoves, sees a

desire in consumers for preparing food in healthy ways. “There is growing interest in, and awareness of, the healthiest ways to prepare food. Consumers are looking for appliances with high-tech features and functions that make their lives easier, and if that technology can deliver healthier results, it is an additional selling point. Manufacturers are responding to that and we are seeing a rising level of innovation and clever features being applied across the cooking sector.”

Chris George, Head of Marketing at AEG,

agrees that manufacturers are responding to consumer demand. “We believe the trend for healthy eating is encouraging new technology within the ‘kitchen appliances’ market; diet being a key element to achieving a healthy lifestyle. To reflect consumer’s needs, we have continuously improved upon our technological portfolio. For example, building best-in- class Sous Vide technology in ovens to give consumers the ability to retain vitamins and minerals within their food.” Caroline Ross, Marketing Manager at Groupe SEB UK Ltd., also cites innovation. “Consumers

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are looking for evermore healthy, easy and convenient SDA cooking solutions in their kitchen. This is of particular importance with people looking to balance their enjoyment of eating traditional meals with healthy accompaniments. “Consumers are always prepared to pay for

innovative technology that delivers genuine health benefits. Design, another key factor, is of paramount importance as the product will be out on display in the kitchen which is now the focal point of most homes.” Alistair Orr, Marketing Manager at Hisense UK, agrees that design is a key factor.

September 2019

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