the BIG interview

“Design, quality and innovation are the keywords of our company!”

In our flagship Big Interview feature this month, we’re delighted to offer this profile of Geoff Johnson, Sales Director at Witt (UK & Ireland), who tells us about the company, its products, and his own path to the top.


eoff begins by offering some background on the company’s

formation, and its current market position. “Witt A/S was founded in 1993, when the founder decided to use his last name as the new company’s name and to use a spare room in his home as a sales office. “Today Witt A/S sells products from eleven

different countries. The products are still being sold to the largest white goods and kitchen shops, nowadays not only in Denmark, but all over Scandinavia, the UK and Ireland. The company employs 114 enthusiastic people who are always doing their ultimate in delivering and servicing at a very high level. “Our aim is to render a first-class service to all our customers, as well as dealing in quality products at both high and low price ranges, in order to be able to meet the demands of all our customers in the best possible way. At the same time, it is our intention to keep spending resources on finding and designing new products, so that we are able – all the time – to renew our line of products and in this way be ahead of market development. “Offering top quality white goods and small appliances to shops in these lines, as well as being trendsetters and outstanding in design. Witt is the company to turn to if you want products where functionality and quality are your top priorities. We endeavour to have our fingers on the pulse with regard to actual trends, as well as always being in the lead when it comes to purchase and development of innovative products – products for the demanding customer, valuing design that differs. Design, quality and innovation are the keywords of our company!” Geoff’s personal involvement with Witt began

a few years ago, as he explains. “I joined the Witt family in October 2016, predominantly to

30% growth in 2018, with a further increase of 40% on target for 2019.” But he’s not resting on his laurels. “I am always looking for other manufactures to join the Witt family, and this has resulted in Witt UK & Ireland becoming exclusive distributors for ‘AIRFREE’ air purifiers during 2018, and now exclusive distributors for ‘Segway/Ninebot’ since June 2019. In addition, we are about to launch Witt e-bikes in the UK from September 2019.” So how did it all start? Geoff explains how his

re-structure the strategy for iRobot in the UK & Ireland which had been going through some indifferent times, and also to find a solution to ensure that our logistics operation could be an effective and efficient solution for the supply of product into the UK from our warehouses located in Denmark.” Initially, his role was a very focused one. “I am the Sales Director for Witt (UK & Ireland) so the role initially was to review and implement a revised UK strategy by changing the iRobot strategy from a deal associated environment to a core range platform for all the major UK trading partners, utilising the iRobot portfolio of products by using product exclusives and striving to allow the different trading channels to not compete against themselves, while also maintaining margin-maintained sales and marketing campaigns at key sales periods throughout the year.” The strategy was a success, a fact Geoff is

obviously proud of. “We have achieved our targeted list of UK trade partners and have seen

10 |

career has progressed over the years. “My career started with me in the role of a trainee manager in Bentalls of Kingston, where you would spend two years learning all aspects of retail sales and management, as well as spending time on a day release basis per week at college. Trainee managers used to spend between 3 – 6 months in different trading departments before completing the course, with the intention of then moving into an assistant manager’s role within a selected department. Having enjoyed the Radio & TV Department as it was called back then, I decided from an early stage that I wanted to specialise in this area, so I applied to join JVC(UK) Ltd as an In-Store Consultant in Allders of Sutton & Croydon. “After two years I decided I wanted to

experience life on the road, and moved to Sanyo as a ‘Training & Merchandise Manager’ for a year before returning to JVC(UK) as a Sales Representative covering East, South East & South West London. After two years I was promoted to National A/C Manager with responsibility for Accounts such as JLP, HOF, Comet and others. After ten years at JVC(UK) I had the opportunity to join emerging South Korean brand Samsung, then based in Tolworth in Surrey. This move allowed greater flexibility within the National A/C role as Samsung was at the beginning of its introduction of widescreen TVs and side-by-side refrigeration to the UK market.

September 2019

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