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A new high-performance PCB terminal with compact proportions

4-in-1 Emergency Exit Sign

GreenBrook Electrical has launched a stylish new range of Emergency Lighting, the Phoenix Range, offering indoor, outdoor, maintained and non-maintained fittings – in various styles including this unique hanging sign that gives you the option of using different fixings methods e.g. hanging, side wall mounted, semi-recessed and flagpole to maximise flexibility in your installation. This slim fitting offers a double sided, edge lit, acrylic blade with interchangeable legends. All our fittings conform to the latest British Standards with emergency operation duration at a minimum of three hours. Contact GreenBrook for more details of this new exciting range.

Wieland Electric’s new wiecon 7060 SMD (Surface Mount Device) offers a PCB terminal in a 2.5 mm grid dimension and an overall height of just 4.14 mm that makes it extremely compact. Available in black or white colour options, this

PCB terminal is also incredibly powerful with a current load capacity of 9A and a voltage of up to 320 V that belies its compact proportions. Wieland’s push-in connection technology enables rigid conductors and conductors with wire end ferrules to be directly connected and easily detached with a flat head screwdriver with a 1mm blade width. Integrated test connections allow for quick testing of the electrical connection and the terminals are tested and certified by both the VDE and UL. The wiecon 7060 SMD PCB terminal is ideally

suited to mechanical engineering thanks to its reduced size and is particularly useful for applications where space on the circuit board is at a premium but an efficient, safe connection technology is still of the utmost importance. The terminal is available in 1- to 8-pin versions

and as ‘tape on reel’ for quick and fully automatic retrieval. Alongside the 7060 SMD, Wieland Electric offers two other new PCB terminals with a push-in connection, namely the 8562 TOP H and the 8562 N. Red Arrow fire rated downlights

Red Arrow’s range of high performance, dimmable 8W LED Fire Rated Downlights is available in Flush or Recessed versions. The downlights meet all the required standards to ensure

safety and compliance. The range is also acoustic rated which ensures noise is restricted between floors and rooms. This 100 lumen per watt downlight is an

energy efficient high power light source which reduces the number of fittings required. The 90º beam angle gives a wider light spread which also reduces the number of fittings required and provides a less cluttered ceiling. The IP65 rating makes this product suitable for use in bathrooms, meaning a consistent fitting throughout. The low profile bezel – now available in chrome and satin chrome

– ensures the product sits flush against the ceiling and provides a modern look. The Frosted Diffuser reduces glare and provides pleasant and ambient mood lighting. The range also offers a slim body and space saving design that can be installed in space restricted ceiling voids. The entire range is dimmable with the ability to

control the light output. The downlights also include a Quick Click Connector which saves time on installation and de-skills the second fix installation. Scolmore launches new, improved FlameGuard Back Boxes

Scolmore has launched a new and improved version of its FlameGuard Back Box to offer total peace of mind in the event of fire. They are the only fire rated dry lining back

boxes on the market that have ‘configurable’ lugs allowing installation into different depths of plasterboard. With installers tending to use double

layered boards, requiring depths of up to 30mm, standard versions do not fit. Scolmore’s new FlameGuard Back Box has been designed to work with up to 30mm boards and operate in exactly the same way. It is as simple and quick to install as a standard cavity wall box. The new and improved FlameGuard Back Boxes are an upgraded version of the existing

54 | electrical wholesalerSeptember 2018

47mm product and key features include: ● Durable all steel construction ● Multiple cable entry points ● Unique spring loaded lugs ● 47mm depths ● Earth terminal fitted FlameGuard back boxes have been tested

and conform to both fire and acoustic BS EN standards. Fire: BS EN 1363-1: 1999 & BS EN 1364-1: 1999. Acoustic: BS EN ISO 10140-2: 2010 & BS EN ISO 717-1: 1997. They comply with Building Regulations.

They are fire tested up to 90 minutes with the capability of the boxes being mounted back to back.

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