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Metpro, specialist supplier of cable management & strut products, metal conduit tube & accessories and a familiar name in the M&E market discusses how it is ‘future proofing’ operations by looking ahead with new products, new spaces and new equipment as it works to both expand its product offering and improve its services.

stocking in-depth, Metpro isn’t looking to slow down with the addition of new products to its already expansive range. A key introduction to the company’s portfolio will be a full Flexible Conduit Tube and Accessories range. With PVC Coated Steel flexible tube offering a V0 fire-resistance rating along with self-extinguishing PVC and Steel flexible tube available, the range will also include an IP65 rated fixed gland as standard, with IP54 swivel glands, PVC glands and PVC contractor packs completing the range. Metpro’s Flexible


Conduit Tube and Accessories range is a significant addition to the company’s M&E profile with stock readily available from November 2018.

Whilst brand new products

are exciting for Metpro, the team are always looking at how their existing ranges can be expanded. Metpro, whose history begins with malleable conduit boxes, are further enhancing their already extensive Steel Conduit Tube, Accessories and Consumables range with two new product lines. Readers may have seen Metpro’s recent announcement advertising availability of all Conlok products ex-stock. Offering labour savings of up to 75% and with no need for onsite threading of conduit tube, Conlok’s innovation lies within its application. Having replaced traditional threaded spouts with a built-in grub screw, the Conlok range offers much quicker installations and enhanced corrosion resistance for a longer lifespan. Conlok is now available ex-stock from

Metpro with all products compliant to BS EN 61386-21:2004. With its Steel Conduit Tube range ensuring Metpro stockists have all the mainstream

30 | electrical wholesalerSeptember 2018

Conlok is now available ex-stock from Metpro with all products compliant to BS EN 61386-21:2004.

etpro’s focus has always been the customer. Priding its operation on excellent customer service and

products, the company has also identified a hole within the steel conduit market and has taken steps to fill this. From November 2018, Metpro’s dedicated conduit tube distribution centre will be stocked with Black Conduit Tube. Offering a sleek aesthetic appearance, Metpro’s offering will comprise both 20mm and 25mm sizes. Standard new products are not all that’s on Metpro’s agenda. Looking in-house, the company’s Product Development team is currently working on several innovative new designs in order to fulfil end-user requirements amid growing desires for faster installations and continually evolving legislation. Utilising the

latest 3D modelling software and

proofing samples using an in-house 3D printer,

Metpro is confident these unique designs will be

welcome additions to the market for both their stockists and end-users,

as well as boosting their product portfolio even further. Watch this space for more information. Metpro’s ‘future

proofing’ plans are not limited to new products however. With so many new ranges to accommodate for and having already expanded earlier this year, the company has again increased its footprint by a further 5000sq ft. This new area has been designed specifically for the control and despatch of palletised orders, giving increased space and

Metpro black conduit tube.

time to a very intense process and the extra space doesn’t stop there. Metpro has designated the next 12 months to build an adjacent bespoke warehouse of 8,000sq ft with an eave height of 8m. With further planned investment in a fleet of multi-level specialist picking trucks and in-depth employee training, Metpro is excited to offer even greater flexibility, deeper stock holding and space to continue introducing more new products to its offering. Renowned for its commitment to stock,

customers and strict quality control, Metpro upgraded its ISO Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2015 in July this year. These key factors have also led to its inclusion in the London Stock Exchange’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain Report 2018’, an achievement which has struck a chord with Metpro’s Founder and Managing Director, Arthur Rudge.

He said: “Since Metpro began trading, our focus has been on continued customer satisfaction. As we have evolved and grown this focus has never wavered and so

to be a part of this prestigious report is

something we are very proud of. It’s a

testament to all our staff and the hard work they put

in to ensure that Metpro’s Metpro flexible conduit. reputation is maintained.”

For information, call 0121 552 2100 or email:

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