Product Finder Revolutionary AirSens range released by Envirovent

EnviroVent, a leading ventilation manufacturer, has launched AirSens®, the first range of indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors specifically designed for use with the company’s ventilation systems. The range meets customer demands for a high quality

IAQ sensor which could quickly and accurately monitor air qia;oty within a building, to ensure better health, well- being and comfort for its occupants. AirSens comes in three versions to monitor carbon

dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOC) or relative humidity (RH). AirSens CO2 is recommended for where occupancy can

vary during the day; AirSens VOC monitors the accumulation of substance-derived odours, including VOCs such as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones and organic acids. Completing the line-up is AirSens RH, a sensor that monitors relative humidity – recommended where

humidity is variable or tends to be concentrated excessively. The IAQ is linked to the ventilation unit and if a high

level of CO2, VOC or RH is detected the system automatically increases the airflow rate, either to maximum speed or proportionately depending on the unit. The new AirSens

range features a patented design and has a front LED indicator, which provides a simple yet efficient way of monitoring the IAQ level of the air. For more information call 0345 27 27 810 or visit: New Airmaster Lot 20 compliant panel

heaters by CED The Airmaster space heating range has been significantly strengthened with the addition of a Lot 20 compliant and IP24 rated suite of slim, compact and lightweight panel heaters, ideal for installation in hotels, restaurants and commercial properties. Supplied in four power levels, 0.75kw,

1.0kw, 1.5kw and 2.0kw, each heater is fitted with LCD digital controls, electronically operating a 7 day/24 hour programmable timer and an adjustable thermostat for automatic temperature maintenance. (NB 0.75kw unit not available until October/November). The range features silent, instant and even heat flow operation, a highly efficient heating element with aluminium diffuser and an overheat thermal safety protection cut-out. Presented in a corrosion resistant white powder coated finish, Airmaster panel heaters are built for ease of installation and come complete with wall mounting kits. Quality and value for money are assured with CE, GS and RoHS approvals plus a year’s guarantee. For more Information call 0208 503 8500 or visit:

Airmaster Lot 20 compliant panel heaters.

Phoebe LED’s Spectrum with the

flick of a switch Phoebe LED has added a wall switch to its popular Spectrum fire rated, downlighter range to provide a fixed dimming and colour changing control option for those who prefer not to operate the system via an APP on a Smartphone. Phoebe LED Spectrum is available in two

options, one offering a full spectrum RGB ring light version or, alternatively, a tuneable white version where the ambient ring can sync to the same colour as the main spotlight. Both the downlight and ambient ring light can be operated together or independently to provide both unique and stunning scenes via two options, Bluetooth or from the new 1 gang mains voltage replacement wall switch. Spectrum also comes with a 5-year warranty

by Phoebe LED. For further information on Spectrum including installation advice and the many stunning effects that can be created, see the video at:

Highest light output with LED retrofit high bays from Light Efficient Design UK

Light Efficient Design LED retrofit high bays are ideally suited for many applications including large retail, warehouse and industrial spaces as well as leisure environments such as auditoria and gymnasiums. The LED 8032, for example, simply replaces up to 400 watt HIDs with only 140 watts of LED lighting. The conical, directional design means that all the light output is directed straight down and retrofits into existing high bay HID fittings with metal reflectors. Available in 4000K and 5700K CCT, all the LEDs

are on the base of the lamp, ensuring a very high light output ratio. With a 50,000-hour rated lamp life, all Light Efficient Design products are backed by a five-year warranty, are CE/ROHS certified and are approved for use in enclosed fittings, unlike most other LED retrofit lamps on the market today. The Light Efficient Design Newbury warehouse

offers prompt delivery to UK and Irish electrical wholesalers on all Light Efficient Design retrofit LED products. September 2018 electrical wholesaler | 53

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