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ESP Boosts its 4 Megapixel CCTV Range

Never be left in the dark with the new LM195 LED

light meter With the growing demand for LED lighting, Martindale Electric has made it quick and easy to verify the performance of LED installations with the LM195, a high quality light meter with built in correction factors for LED light sources. The LM195 delivers fast, reliable readings for LED,

fluorescent and incandescent lighting, ideal for ensuring regulatory compliance and performance of new and existing lighting in industrial and commercial environments. The LM195 provides accurate readings up to 200,000 lux with a maximum resolution of 0.1 lux in the 200 lux range. The sensor can be rotated to cater for oblique angles of lighting and detached for access purposes. Suitable for the commissioning of new installations and checking existing lighting, the LM195 can be used to ensure that lighting meets the required levels for a safe, healthy working environment. Also available is the new LM192 light meter. Suitable for use on different types of lighting with manual compensation, the LM192 can be used to achieve optimum results through the high performance detachable sensor. Able to operate for approximately 80 hours on one set of batteries, both new models have an

intuitive layout and include Min/Max and Hold functions. The LM192 and LM195 come with alkaline batteries, a case and a two-year guarantee.

With an ambition to supply the most comprehensive range of high quality CCTV products through electrical wholesalers, ESP announces more additions to its 4 megapixel range, in the form of 4 MP Wi-Fi CCTV kits. Marketed under the ESP brand, HDView, the

new kits are packed with features, making them ideal for satisfying the growing demand for reliable security solutions. 4 Megapixels provides a higher density pixel count to achieve improved clarity over 1080p (2 Megapixel). The systems have been designed with ease of set up as a key feature, including the option for remote monitoring via smart phone or tablet, using ESP’s specially developed HDviewWF APP. The 4MP Wi-Fi CCTV kits include a 4 channel

Network Video Recorder, premium quality Western Digital hard drive, 4MP HD day/night cameras, system power supplies, mouse and HDMI cable. Hard drive options are 1TB; 2TB or 4TB. Options include 2 or 4 camera kits, with the cameras in bullet style and offered in a black or white finish. The cameras are also sold separately. The latest in H265 compression technology

reduces the size of recorded data up to 60%, making the most of Hard Drive storage capacity. For information, call 01527 515150, email or visit:

Scolmore expands Click Deco Plus range

Responding to customer feedback, Scolmore has added a new product to its Click Deco Plus range of premium, decorative metal wiring accessories. The new Deco Plus Twin Socket with Outboard Rockers meets the growing demand for products that come under the assisted living bracket in terms of being easy to access and operate, and which are being increasingly specified across a range of building projects. The 13A 2G Outboard Switched Socket features ingot rockers that are a standard feature on the

Deco Plus range, double pole switching and twin earth, and it is designed to fit a 25mm BS4662 back box. The base of the socket has been modified to allow it to fit more easily into the back box. Launched in 2017, the Click Deco Plus range comprises more than 800 decorative metal wiring

accessory products, which feature smooth, contemporary curves that appeal to contractors, specifiers and end users alike. As with the rest of the Deco Plus range, the new twin socket with outboard rockers will be available

in seven finishes – Antique Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, Black Nickel, Stainless Steel and Polished Chrome – and come with black or white inserts, to maximise the choice and offer suitability across an array of furnishing styles and tastes. Timeguard updates heating controllers and

’stats and adds new WiFi option Timeguard’s new Programastat+ range of wall-mounted thermostats and multi-channel heating controllers delivers premium looks and premium performance without premium pricing. New, improved components deliver more accurate, responsive and reliable control, ensuring that the new range works alongside the modulating design of modern boilers to deliver comfort and energy efficiency for homeowners. Headlining the new range is a WiFi wall thermostat that simply replaces existing 2 or 3 wire installations. The

stand-out design feature is the subtle white neon temperature indicator that puts these devices on a level with the most-expensive designer wiring accessories. The comprehensive range has an easily-fitted solution for virtually any domestic heating control scenario. With 1,2 3 or 4 channel programmable controllers, homes of any size can be managed, and you can add smart zoned control inexpensively. There’s a pre-set Economy 7 model (pre-set but adjustable to suit other off peak plans) as well as wireless

programmable room thermostats, and for boost control to provide extra heating at the press of a single button. Timeguard has also retained the popular dial-controlled option for electronic thermostats. Just Google Programastat Plus to find out more. 52 | electrical wholesalerSeptember 2018

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