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A well-established leader in the industrial wiring accessories and lighting sector, GEWISSis committed to improving its products and service in response to market demands, enabling its network of electrical wholesale customers to offer quality products and a faster supply to electrical contractors.


EWISS UK introduced an exciting raſt of changes earlier this year making it easier and quicker for electrical wholesalers to order and receive the company’s high quality, leading brand

solutions. This has become increasingly important with electrical wholesalers offering their customers faster, more convenient deliveries.

UK stock for next day delivery GEWISS now stocks its fast moving codes in a UK-based warehouse, and GEWISS’ sales processing systems have been adapted to offer guaranteed next day delivery (for orders placed before 12.30pm). In addition, the company is offering single item availability rather than boxed quantities, providing more flexibility, which is particularly important for smaller branches and profit centres. Gino Stocchetti, General Manager of GEWISS UK said, “Our customers

14 to 20 to add even more DIN space. Each board can include sockets and interlocked sockets of up to 63A. With over 70 standard prewired off-the-shelf variations, GEWISS now

extends the range to offer any custom built assembly with standard products - delivered in a matter of days. The system of wired and unwired boards responds to the latest version of BS EN 61439 standards and can meet any and all system requirements for surface mounting, flush mounting, pole and floor installations. The synergy between industrial connections and power protection devices is able to satisfy even the most varied demands of energy use, and allows GEWISS to act as a single point of contact for the distribution of energy in the commercial and industrial sectors, including small and large construction sites, ports, marinas, camping and caravan sites. Stocchetti said, “This is a great solution for electrical wholesalers to offer

to their contractors. We basically take the work-load off the contractor by assembling the boards to their specifications. We can also deliver these quickly to electrical wholesalers. We’ve provided this solution to airports, theatres, markets, ports and building sites.”

The UK based warehouse offering next day delivery of Gewiss products

have embraced and appreciated our improved service levels. Even though GEWISS is a large, international organisation, we are pleased to have the agility to respond to market demand.”

A new custom service wholesalers can offer contractors The company also offers a new local service offering customised, assembled distribution boards, called Quick Q-DIN. The range includes IP44/IP65 power distribution boards for industrial and commercial applications with 5 to 20 DIN module space, or supplementary modules of

Point of sale evolution GEWISS has also introduced more point of sale and point of purchase solutions for wholesalers, to aid sales and enable customers to check out products out on the trade counter. Point of sale boards display GEWISS’ IEC 309HP plugs, connectors and interlocked switched sockets, and rotary isolator switches. The boards are lightweight and small, so they easily fit on wholesalers’ slat wall.

Point of sale boards showing plugs, connectors and rotary isolators Gewiss dump bins for IEC309 HP industrial plugs and sockets have been introduced to brighten up the trade counter and make it easy for contractors to pick up these staple products. In addition, Gewiss has

introduced a new point of purchase (POP) display that sit on the trade counter to encourage spontaneous purchases of GEWISS’ 44CE most popular adaptable junction boxes. Stocchetti explains, “We’ve just

introduced an eye-catching point of purchase dispenser for our popular 44CE range, and we called it Mr Boxee – we’re doing some fun social media that wholesalers and contractors can piggy-back on, and also we’re providing wholesalers with a stress cube to give out to contractors. Hopefully we can get the message out that our products are all about making life easier for the contractor, we ‘take the stress out’.” To find out more, electrical wholesalers can contact GEWISS UK on tel: 01954 712 757, email:

Mr Boxee point of purchase for junction boxes

Components for gewiss’ customised, assembled distribution boards ‘quick q-din’ service

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