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demands of the contractor and specifier (via the wholesaler). A need for safer, more efficient, robust and sustainable products are ultimately key drivers.

A commitment to sustainability A commitment to delivering a sustainable approach, protecting the environment, reusing and recycling waste, remains at the heart of the wider business. The company, whose headquarters are in Vienna, Austria, one of the world’s only carbon neutral cities, runs a company-wide program to reduce the consumption of energy and the use of water in order to preserve natural resources and where possible the firm uses harvested rainwater in the manufacturing processes. Taking and building further upon our sustainable values and principles is integral to the business. The Austrians are years ahead of most European countries in terms of a carbon neutral approach and this permeates across all industries, none more so than manufacturing. Our LSF0H conduits have undergone

rigorous investment and testing in order to produce the ultimate chlorine free, halogen-free, flame retardant, temperature resistant and 100 % recyclable product. These conduits are able to tick every box in terms of sustainability.

Safety first Demand for the firms Low Smoke & Fire, Zero Halogen product continues to grow. Visibility and interest in the PVC-LSF and LSFOH products is intensifying. Contractors and end users are looking for viable solutions that meet robust and stringent health and safety criteria. LSF is undoubtedly a step up from a standard PVC specification whilst LSFOH offers the ultimate protection in the event of a fire. Through the years, we’ve invested heavily in product development and

research, devising hard hitting solutions that effectively manages and withstands the potentially devastating effects of fire. Safety has and continues to be the most pressing element when approaching any electrical installation. Key factors to consider encompass building type and fabric, installation methods applied and the product specified. Ensuring the correct solution is selected to suit the application forms a key element of this process. Highly visible disasters resulting in multiple loss of life have been caused

through the use of unsafe products that simply didn’t have the inherent qualities to minimise smoke and fire for a period that allows the safe exit of a building.

A commitment to delivering a

sustainable approach, protecting the environment, reusing and

recycling waste, remains at the heart of the wider business.

24 | electrical wholesalerNovember 2019

These factors must be considered by building specifiers, who will factor the cable's properties into any risk assessments they carry out. When cables need to have additional protection, conduits using smoke and halogen minimising properties should be given the same safety consideration as cables. Understanding products and the protection that they offer is important

Making the switch PVC-LSF not only has a higher ignition point of up to 15% than standard PVC, the halogens it contains are released at a slower rate therefore smoke release is also reduced by up to 60% in the first 4 minutes of a fire than that of standard PVC. LSFOH, Low

Smoke & Fume Zero Halogen conduits are not only characterised by the fire- retardant

performance but also

by the halogen-free properties, thus offering low corrosive and toxic emissions. During a fire, LSFOH conduits will emit less smoke and acid gases, 90% less smoke and zero halogens which may affect human health and damage expensive communications equipment. With relatively little price

differentiator between PVC and PVC- LSF, and with very few other manufacturers offering this specification, it’s easy to see why so many are making the switch. However, contractors are edging further towards LSFOH as pressure mounts to provide the safest cable containment solution available on the market with the added benefit that Dietzel-Univolt HFT / LSFOH range of products are 100%


For us, this is where the future of PVC cable containment lies and we are engaging with more and more customers, operating across a diverse

sector range, who are keen to learn more about our products. Opting for premium protection is it seems the way forward for responsible contractors recommending viable solutions to the client and end user.

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