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Solar solution ups the ante on LED lighting’s climate credentials

AICO unveils new stand at FIREX & CEF Live Aico, the market leader in domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, launched a new and improved stand at this year’s CEF Live and at FIREX shows. The new stand is distinctive and different from the double decker stand Aico showcased at last year’s FIREX. The new design will take the shape of a house, allowing visitors to see Aico alarms in situ as they would appear in a home environment. The house design will also incorporate an escape route similar to a real- life property. The stand will feature some

innovative new experiences and be fully staffed with Aico Regional Specification Managers and Aico’s Senior Management Team to offer visitors advice. Another key focus on the stand this

year will be the 3000 Series, which encompasses both Fire and Carbon Monoxide detection, providing whole property coverage from one series. A highlight of the 3000 Series is Aico’s Award Winning Ei3028 Multi-Sensor Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarm. All alarms in the series feature Aico’s latest technologies, including AudioLINK data extraction and SmartLINK wireless interconnection and whole system data monitoring capability.

uFor more information, visit or contact Aico on 01691 664100 or

New Meridian outdoor lighting

In response to growing demand from end user customers for energy efficient products, Light Efficient Design UK is taking LED lighting to new levels of energy and emissions performance. The company’s new an all-in-one solar-powered solution features a solar panel and battery integrated directly into the LED fixture. There is no need for trenching or wiring as the fixture does not connect to any power feed. Designed for use in such applications as

outdoor car parks, transit shelters and bus stops, the fixture turns on at night automatically and can be set to either stay at 100% light output, or dim down if there is no motion in order to extend battery life. The long-life advanced new LiFePO4 battery lasts at least 2000 charge cycles and provides sufficient power for three nights with a one day charge. There are two 5000K models available with the

8W version replacing up to 70W MH, and the 30W up to 250W MH. Both allow light adjustment and the solar panel can be positioned to maximize sunlight and enable snow to slide off.

The CED Electrical Group are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting and diverse new range of Meridian Outdoor LED Light Fittings. To start, there are six 60w

polycarbonate Lanterns with IP44 rating plus CE and RoHS approvals. Four Wall Lanterns comprise black or white options with PIR, black only with a motion sensor plus an up and down lantern. Completing the range are Ceiling and Post Top lanterns. - all suitable for use with LED ES cap lamps. New stainless steel Round and

Square Walkover Lights are 240v, IP65 rated in ground fittings suitable for LED GU10 lamps in white or blue. Finally, new wire-free Solar Lights include a 3w IP44 fitting plus 3w and 4w IP54 rated PIR fittings.

Finished in black, these wall lights come with state of the art SMD LED chips and provide eco-friendly aesthetic front of property presence detection.

uFor more information, please call 0208 503 8500 or visit Faster installation with ESP’s Two-Wire fire alarm system

The MAGDUO Two-Wire fire alarm system from ESP is aimed at small to medium contractors, offering a highly flexible and adaptable system that will save them time and money on the installation process. Two-Wire fire alarm systems are based on

standard conventional system technology. Unlike standard conventional four wired systems where the detectors, call points and alarm devices for each zone are wired on separate circuits, MAGDUO utilises intelligent Two-Wire technology, which allows all devices to be wired on the same set of two-core zone cables back to the control panel - enabling it to use a single circuit per zone both for detection and to power the sounders. This advanced

44 | electrical wholesalerJune 2019

technology can reduce both installation and material costs. The system is ‘Two-Wire’ meaning that all

system devices can be installed on the same circuit with the capacity for up to 32 devices per zone. This, however, is dependent on the Device Loading Unit (DLU). Full information is provided within the product technical specification details. MAGDUO will support 2-8 Zone applications. ESP is offering full training on the new system to all wholesalers and installers.

uFor further information, contact ESP on 01527 515150, email or visit

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