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basic ‘black dial’ 24-hour time clock for simple on and off switching of up to 20A; Standard 24-hour ‘red dial’ switch with added 100 hour battery reserve; Solar Range – specially designed for lighting applications and Digital Range – the newest addition combines the high capacity and reliability of the electro-mechanical models but provides full 7 day programming.

DIN Rail and Panel Mounted Time Switches Other options include DIN rail and panel mounted digital time switches that include NFC capability. Near Field Communication (NFC) is a low powered wireless communication technology that allows devices to exchange information from just a few centimetres away. Using the free Sangamo Connect app on an Android NFC enabled smartphone allows you to upload a created programming schedule; download an existing schedule to store or amend, as well as transfer programmes from one switch to another.

This enhanced capability makes this form of time switch so much easier to program and has been exceedingly well received by the industry. Another strong feature of the NFC range of timers is that they will switch up to 600 watts of LED lighting.

The range also includes Astro Switches also

known as solar switches, which automatically adjust their on and off times to match sunset and sunrise times. A selection of Standard Switches completes the range. These are often used to control heating, ventilation and door entry systems.

Bluetooth compatible The latest development in this category has seen the addition of a Bluetooth-compatible range of timers to the DIN Rail Time Switch collection. This range is designed to offer convenience and versatility to the user and broaden the product

category reach to a wider potential market, where it will help manage costs in residential, commercial and industrial applications. It uses Bluetooth technology to programme the timer and is compatible with Android and IOS, and applications include lighting, security, heating, ventilation, irrigation and horticulture.

As well as Bluetooth communication, these time switches feature zero-crossing technology supporting up to 600W LED load. This technology protects the relay contact and extends service life, therefore helping the lighting controls to match the long lifespan of LED lighting systems. The new Bluetooth range consists of four

products - Weekly Bluetooth 2-module 1- channel, 7 day timer with 100 on/off operations; Weekly Bluetooth 2-module 2-channel, 7 day timer, with 100 on/off operations; Astro Bluetooth 2-module 1-channel, 7 day timer with 100 on/off operations and Astro Bluetooth 2- module 2-channel, 7 day timer with 100 on/off operations. A free to download App, the Save’n carry App

is available for both iOS and Android. It has an intuitive user interface that allows easy and fast programming via smartphone and tablet. As advancements in technology continue to

drive new product development, it is essential that both the professional installing the products and the wholesaler supplying them, do their research to stay up to date with the latest products and trends. Manufacturers have their part to play by ensuring that they provide easy access to product training and support for the wholesaler. 34 | electrical wholesalerJune 2019

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