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Installers expect a lot from timers; if the timer doesn’t work then a whole installation job will be a failure. Be it indoor or outdoor lighting for comfort, pleasure or security, or heating, timers are the backroom boys that everyone relies on not to let you down. Reliability is key, explains Andy Douglas,MD Timeguard.


o, your trade customers need a brand they can rely on for general purpose switching jobs, which is where the

guaranteed quality of the Timeguard range comes in. Available in compact (single-gang size) with slim-line casings, the latest Timeguard NTT range covers the core requirements that installers have for timers. It includes push-button Boost functions, designed to give extra time for heating, hot water, etc. while eliminating the risk of equipment being left on for too long, as switching off is still automatic. All models within the range

offer 16A resistive load rating and offer switching from 4A up to 8A inductive loads. Voltage Free contacts are also an option. Models with segment programming offer up to 48 On/Off programmes per day, and come complete with ‘Traffic Light’ indication of On/Off/Auto status. Alternatively, 24-hour and 7-day digital versions with up to 28 On/28 programmes per week cater for just about any job! All models will switch 100W of LED’s. As well as easy push button

programming with clear digital displays, the Timeguard NTT range also offers automatic summer/winter changeover to make programming even easier. So, stocking the full NTT range means you have all the bases covered.

Meeting demand for WiFi We’re all aware of a sea of changes in the market as smart technology trickles down and becomes more widespread, but there is a transitional phase to navigate, and huge opportunities to be

grasped. Timeguard has paved the way and plugged the gaps with products like its affordable Wi-Fi controllers. They effectively turn

any device under Timeguard control into an Internet of Things device – there’s no need to buy and install expensive new “Wi-Fi ready” heaters, for instance. Just add a WiFi timer, fused spur or heating controller, and they can be controlled from anywhere in or out of the home via the user’s existing home or office hub. For instance, installers can

replace time switches with the new Wi-Fi version of the trusted Timeguard NTT timer, popular for immersion and space heating. With a 16A rating it is well suited for HVAC control and for commercial as well as

residential use. Timeguard has also

provided a locking boss to make it tamper-proof

in offices, workshops and public places. There are also Timeguard

Wi-Fi controlled fused spur timers. Yes, that’s right: fused protection, time control and remote Wi-Fi access all within a single gang unit that fits into the existing back box to replace a simple 13A spur unit. We all know that the low hanging fruit for

achieving energy efficiency and economy is time and temperature control. Adding Wi-Fi control is the icing on the cake but choose your stock wisely: low cost devices without the back up of a trusted brand and an ongoing commitment to developing and maintaining the App may soon let you down.

What is reliability? Every manufacturer offers a guarantee of sorts these days, and many have had to follow Timeguard’s lead and go beyond their statutory obligations to offer multi-year warranties to remain competitive. However, reliability cannot just mean no-quibble returns and

replacements; it must also mean satisfied installers and end users. Installers

are no fools: they soon find out which brands to trust.

Reliability also involves investing in real

support and giving fitters confidence that they can rely on the box and the website to give them all the specification information and

installation instructions they need. They want to be sure that installation will be straightforward for them, eliminating the risk of error. Last but not least, devices have to be easy to use: a confused customer

will probably blame the device and the installer!

We’re all aware of a sea of changes in the market as smart technology

trickles down and becomes more widespread, but there is a transitional phase to navigate, and huge opportunities to be grasped.

28 | electrical wholesalerJune 2019

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