The phrase ‘standard parts’ is generally used in the industrial product design industry to refer to a multitude of pre-designed niche mechanical components. As

perhaps one of the most innovative companies supplying these parts into the UK market, Wixroyd’s Anthony Iafrate is constantly searching for new parts that customers will find useful. Here, he picks three parts that are new to the market…

1. SPRING PLUNGERS WITH EXPANDABLE BODY (32302) Spring plungers are small detent mechanisms with a spring-loaded pin or ball that are generally housed in either a smooth press-fit body, or a threaded housing. Typical applications for these parts are the handy flip-up function in many car keys, and quick de- mounting and push- fit of lighting elements, etc. In the past,

when using these smooth-bodied press-fit spring plungers, the tolerance of the housing generally needed to be extremely accurate to ensure the plunger was firmly in place. However, working closely with the manufacturer (Erwin Halder), Wixroyd has launched a new, innovative, range of spring plungers with an expanding outer body – which alleviates the hole tolerance requirement and, in turn, reduces the overall cost of the installation. The plunger is inserted to the hole with a simple push, and the contraction/expansion of the body provides a strong grip on the mating hole.

2. QUICK ACTION LIFTING BOLTS WITH EXPANDABLE THREAD (33430) Lifting bolts are widely used in machine design, and elsewhere in design applications that call for secure lifting of heavy loads. However, sometimes a lot of them can be required, which is an issue because it takes a considerable amount of time to screw or unscrew them when they need to be removed. A new development

is the threaded quick- release pin. Depressing the button on top of the pin retracts three specially hardened threaded segments so that the pin can be


inserted fully into the female thread. Subsequently, the button is released, and the segments expand and fill the female thread, thereby locking the lifting bolt firmly in place. By design, the button is protected from being accidentally depressed while in use. The new pins are available in steel and stainless steel versions, in many sizes (M8, M10, M12 and M16), and are CE rated to carry loads of up to 8,5 tons.

3. INDEX PLUNGERS WITH NEW RED RELEASE BUTTON (32494) Index plungers are generally used to locate parts in a specific orientation. The extended pin can then be retracted by pulling the sprung-loaded knob of the plunger. The part can then be adjusted or removed; releasing the sprung-loaded knob extends the pin. Sometimes, it is important for customers to be assured that accidental or unintended retraction of the pin would not take place. The newly designed

index plunger has an additional red push- button safety feature. Only when the red button is depressed can the spring-loaded handle be retracted – providing customers with that additional reassurance of positive security. These are available in steel and stainless steel versions with pin size options of 6, 8 and 10mm.

INVESTIGATING NEW PRODUCTS Lewis Sutton (Wixroyd’s Sales manager), says that the ‘COVID effect’ has driven more designers to investigate new products, as many of them have that extra bit of time for product research and are searching websites more thoroughly. He says that a key draw to the Wixroyd website is the amount of interesting and innovative products – along with the fact that there are easily downloadable 3D CAD files (with no need to register), and useful ‘live’ stock and pricing information displayed. Wixroyd has recently re-located from their previous Surrey site to a brand new, purpose-built 30,000ft2

building in Chichester, West Sussex.

The move has greatly expanded the in-house manufacturing capability and ensured that even higher volumes of stock can be stored for same- day dispatch to their customers. Wixroyd has been fully operational throughout the COVID pandemic lockdowns to meet the needs of its customers – many of whom have shown increased demand for parts to manufacture goods that support the healthcare sector.


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