MOBILE MACHINERY SOLUTIONS Commenting on the most recent solutions available from the company, Palmer says: “Working alongside Data Panel, a company in the Murrelektronik Group, we have just launched a range of electrical solutions specifically designed for mobile machinery. This sector encompasses agricultural machinery, forestry equipment and construction machinery – lifting and handling equipment, earthmoving machinery, cranes and industrial trucks. A new and emerging sector worldwide, this has huge potential in the UK. Our solution gets rid of the complicated and time-consuming assembly of connectors, cable harnesses or terminal boxes, and replaces it with high-quality, easy to mount, decentralised installation solutions.”

already has a comprehensive range of Ethernet connectors and cables on the market – including M12 D-coded, M8 and RJ45 connectors. It also has a very successful range of IP67 and IP20 switches.

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE “The Internet of things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 are undoubtedly driving new standards in connection technology to cope with the explosion of data and the requirement to process this data in real

time,” explains Palmer. “Undoubtedly the trend towards Ethernet protocol is growing in new areas – for example, the automotive sector has replaced Controller Area Network (CAN) bus systems with Ethernet. Similarly, smart factories are following the trend and adopting Ethernet into their applications. For simple, easy and light connectivity, Ethernet over single twisted pair (SPE) might be the future of industrial communication applications.” So, with the range of products it offers, and its

ability to be flexible and create solutions to suit specific applications demands, Murrelektronik is in the right place to supply connection technologies that suit the demands of the future.

Murrelektronik T: 0161 728 3133

Claire Palmer, Murrelektronik technical support

“Smart factory solutions mean there is communication at every stage of the production process, resulting in a lot of interconnected devices and therefore a lot of data! This explosion of data has impacted on our connectivity solutions –we have rapidly developed our connection technology to manage these real-time data processing challenges”


Fischer Connectors has extended its Freedom Series with new products and accessories, allowing design engineers to further optimise cable management in line with their SWaP (size, weight and power) requirements, and integrate low-profile

connectors, cable assemblies and active devices easily into all sorts of materials, even the most flexible of fabrics. The ruggedsewing junction of the new Fischer Freedom Quick

Detach System allows users to easily convert flexible material into a potential panel – for example, heavy duty tarp cover/tent, sail, vehicle tire blankets, smart backpacks. The system’s adapter and retaining ring facilitate the quick fit and interchange of receptacles. The new Fischer Freedom cabled receptacle in size 08 is a smaller

version of the receptacle introduced to the market last year. With a metal housing, four signal and power contact tracks, IP68 sealing and EMI shielding, this new cabled receptacle is said to be ready to use under any conditions, easy to integrate into garments or mount on panels, and quick to fit and remove. According to the company, the technology platform enables design

engineers to integrate more technology and functionality into fixed, portable or wearable devices and ecosystems in markets such as: defence & security, medical, instrumentation, industrial and civil engineering, robotics, wearables, the Internet of Things (IoT).

Fischer Connectors


Standard Connectors AVAILABLE FROM STOCK!

Waterproof and

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