Murrelektronik offers a wide range of connection technologies. Claire Palmer, Murrelektronik technical

support, speaks to Rachael Morling about the solutions on offer, why a designer should specify the company’s connectors, the latest trends, and much more…

resistance against interference. In short, Murrelektronik connectors guarantee quality and reliability as standard!” With so many products to choose from, how

does Murrelektronik guide designers towards the right solution for their project? “The key to the right connector is looking at the application in detail. What is the environment (food, chemicals, water etc.), mating cycles, current, voltage, does it need mechanical protection, or would a self- wire solution be more suitable? Here in the UK we have a dedicated technical helpdesk, so we can match the designer’s requirements to the right connector type in an instant,” says Palmer.


onnectors are used across the world for a huge range of applications. In fact with

international approvals, a wide range of cable materials, and an interchangeable product structure, Murrelektronik’s connectors can be custom built to suit almost any application. But while its products are used in most

industrial sectors, there has been a noticeable increase in demand for Murrelektronik Connection Technology in the logistics market – due to the growth in online shopping. “Online businesses and delivery companies are naturally expanding their operations to meet this demand. As such, we are seeing increased demand for Ethernet connectors and switches for use in the logistics sector,” explains Claire Palmer, Murrelektronik technical support.

SPECIFYING THE RIGHT SOLUTION Murrelektronik offers a huge range of solutions, with its connection technology ranging from sensor/actuator connectors, valve connectors, fieldbus and Ethernet connectors, to motor connectors and power connectors. There are many reasons a designer should

consider specifying components from the company, as Palmer explains: “All our connectors and cables are 100% tested. During the manufacturing process our connectors pass through an electrical and function check, pin connection and high voltage test, short circuit test, data transmission and visual checks. All components are individually tested, not batch tested! And, our 360 degree shielded cables outperform others, providing better


TRENDS What are the latest trends in connection technology? “Undoubtedly quicker connections, making maintenance easy and connectors easier to change in and out,” Palmer says. “Although wireless systems are becoming more common, the components themselves still need power connectivity. Even where inductive couplers can be used, there’s a cable either side of them. So there is always going to be a need for connection technology, but the trend is more towards pluggable connectors and shorter cable runs for quicker installation and fast fault finding.” The company has also seen a lot of interest

in multi-cable connectors, which allow several cables within one connector. Its Modlink Heavy Duty connectors (see image, left), for example, guarantee secure transmission of signals, energy, data and pneumatics – even in the roughest of industrial environments. Added to this, the growth in Industry 4.0,

The Modlink Heavy Duty series transmit signals, power, data, and pneumatics, even in the toughest industrial environments

In order to meet specific application demands,

the flexibility offered by Murrelektronik is a huge benefit, as Palmer explains: “With almost infinite combinations possible due to our interchangeable product structure, Murrelektronik’s standard range is incredibly flexible. We are the biggest manufacturer of connection technology in Europe, with the widest variety of cable types, colours, connector styles and cable lengths – many available in qualities from one unit. Our pre-assembled customised sets enable a quick, convenient solution, reducing the risk of wiring errors. Murrelektronik assembles the pre-defined customised sets for the customer’s machine so everything is pre-wired perfectly. This simplifies the ordering process by creating a single article number that includes a bunch of components all packed and assembled in one box!”

Smart Factory solutions and IIoT has affected the products being offered by the company. “Smart factory solutions mean there is communication at each stage of the production process, resulting in a lot of interconnected devices and therefore a lot of data! This explosion of data has impacted on our connectivity solutions – we have rapidly developed our connection technology to manage these real-time data processing challenges,” Palmer explains. To manage this surge in data, industry is

turning to open, standardized, Ethernet-based protocols and solutions. Murrelektronik

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