Needing large turntable bearings and steel spur gears for use on its new generation of slitter-

rewinder machines, Atlas Converting Equipment turned to R.A. Rodriguez

Converting to new machine development I

ncreasing demand for thinner BoPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene

terephthalate) films and clear barrier coatings, as well as a trend towards sustainable biodegradable and compostable products, means there are new challenges emerging for convertor shops worldwide. In addition, more compact solutions are now required. As a result, the latest technology from Atlas Converting – a world-leading supplier and provider of solutions in slitting and rewinding technology, as well as finished roll-handling systems – enables complex products to be processed in their optimum condition, ensuring good quality rewind reels, maximised production and minimised waste. So when the company decided to

introduce an entry-level version of its dual turret machine to better serve customers working with certain budget constraints, the company set about developing the Titan ER610-DT. Following three years in research and

development, and multi-million-pound investment in new parts design and processes, the compact ER610-DT project resulted in unequalled combinations of operator safety, yet huge productivity improvements and reduced machine download times, the company explains. To arrive at this solution, however, Atlas Converting called upon the full support of its supply chain and, as a customer of R.A. Rodriguez (U.K.) for the past 21 years, had no hesitation when it came to enquiring about a turntable bearing and spur gear for the new machine.

FINDING A SOLUTION The company needed a solution that was capable of turning quite a large load, but without any compromise in accuracy. So to meet demands, a KDM medium- series four-point-contact bearing was recommended as it is robust and proven in

the toughest applications. KDM turntable bearings allow for a compact design with a significantly higher load performance rating, as axial and radial loads – and tilting moments – can be absorbed. For the Titan ER610-DT, a 644mm diameter bearing was specified with standard clearance (diameters from less than 100mm to higher than 6,000mm can be supplied). Featuring hardened raceways, the bearings can be supplied un-geared or with gear teeth as an integral part of either the inner or outer ring. For Atlas Converting, an external

steel KHK spur gear was delivered featuring an involute tooth shape. Involute tooth forms are advantageous

The Rodriguez turntable bearing and spur gear form part of the ER610-DT’s dual-turret winding module

due to their ability to absorb small centre distance errors, while the thick roots of the teeth add strength. The Rodriguez turntable bearing and

spur gear form part of the ER610-DT’s dual-turret winding module. In essence, the machine has four rewind shafts for high productivity, with each turret containing two rewind shafts. The turrets are of cantilevered design, eliminating the need for centre cross shafts. Winding takes place on two rewind shafts, while the other two shafts can be loaded with cores, enabling a fast changeover on completion of winding. Although the machine has only

recently been launched, sales volumes are expected to ramp up, and Atlas Converting has already re-ordered for the next phase of build.

R.A. Rodriguez Atlas Converting Equipment er610dt-launch-page


At the beginning of July this year, the newly developed N700S Shinkansen (bullet train) began service on the Tokaido Shinkansen line between Tokyo and Osaka. Bearings for railway applications contribute directly to safe operation and travel – so they need to offer high reliability, and support elevated speeds, improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements. For bullet trains, highly efficient and durable bearings are essential. So, for the N7000S, high performance bearings from NSK can be found in the gearbox, axle and traction motor assemblies. The gearbox of the N700S is the first Shinkansen to have herringbone gears

rather than helical ones, resulting in increased reliability and lower noise output. Gearbox bearings are subject to intense shocks and vibration, so exhibiting a long operational life under these conditions is a priority. NSK has been supplying tapered roller bearings for helical gears in bullet trains for decades. Drawing on this experience, the company has designed a special flanged cylindrical roller bearing for the N700S’s herringbone gears that delivers longer life, lower heat generation and reduced maintenance compared with the previous generation product. Further benefits of the gearbox bearings used on the N700S include improved seizure resistance, which has been achieved by optimising the design of areas that do not contact the flange face. In addition, a high-strength machined brass cage optimised with NSK’s proprietary R-pocket technology reduces internal stress in the cage structure. For the axles, the NSK double-row tapered roller bearings used in the previous Shinkansen have been

further improved to deliver even higher reliability and reduce maintenance costs. With the N700S’s traction motors, NSK cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings feature outer rings that are plasma- sprayed with a ceramic coating. This coating increases reliability by preventing any opportunity for electrolytic corrosion, the company explains.


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