LD30 ToF Sensors takes production to new heights

Complete with IO-Link communication

encompassed in the same sensor; offering an unrivalled flexibility to detect any object, any colour, any material or surface types at a distance of up to 1000mm. The LD30 output can be operated either as a standard


switching output or in IO-Link mode and is fully configurable via IO-Link output, Electrical outputs can be configured as PNP/NPN/Push-pull/external input normally open or closed whilst the timer functions can be set as ON- delay, Off-delay and one shot or trailing edge with timing values from 1ms up to 32,767 min. Logging functions such as temperature, detecting

counter, power cycles and operating hours as well as single point, two point and windows mode, Logic functions such as AND, OR, XOR and Gated SR-FF all come as standard mode.

Carlo Gavazzi UK Ltd. u 01276 854110 u

arlo Gavazzi’s latest LD30 Sensors provide both ToF (time of flight) and IO-Link communication

Our 3 Key Areas of Expertise for Industry 4.0

Industrial Monitors Monitors with integrated touchscreens are a powerful and economical way to display complex information to a user in an easily readable and accessible format. The advantage of choosing one of our robust industrial monitors is they come with at least 5 years supply of parts and offer a wide temperature range suitable for heavy industrial environments.

Embedded AI Choosing the right embedded SBC and software support, we can tailor the industrial monitor to gain its own intelligence to become IoT and AI ready for Industry 4.0.

Digital Controlled Power Today’s power supplies for Tomorrow’s demand include

New generation of modular connectors from Stäubli cuts assembly and maintenance costs


esigned to cut assembly and maintenance costs to the minimum, the new CombiTac direqt family of modular connectors introduced

by Stäubli features a Click-and-Connect system that enables all parts to be quickly assembled manually without the use of any special tools. With a light, modern design incorporating the highest level of safety

features, they can be fully customised to meet customer requirements. Each carrier and frame is coded, eliminating any possibility of assembly error or incorrect polarity mating between male and female connectors.

All configurations, whether for panel mount or housing applications, ensure a constant and reliable connection

for signals, power and pneumatic coupling for up to 10 000 mating cycles. Throughout this life cycle, the quality of the contacts remains at the highest possible level, providing constant low contact resistance and stable performance even in the presence of shock and vibration.

Stäubli Electrical Connectors u

Apex Dynamics – the only major Brexit- and Covid-proof servo gearbox supplier today


ow Do You Reduce Your Manufacturing Supply Chain Risks in Today’s Challenging Environment ? Coronavirus and Brexit are quite a combination and it

makes you wonder if business will ever be the same again. However, at Apex Dynamics we are the only large scale manufacturer of servo gearboxes that is Brexit proof, being the only volume manufacturer based outside of Europe. With 100,000 gearboxes manufactured monthly for

stock ready for final configuration, this allows Apex Dynamics to be in a commanding position to deliver in 2- 3 weeks on all of our range of planetary and spiral bevel gearboxes, which along with our unique 5 year warranty on all products makes Apex Dynamics a very reliable and


trusted partner for your machine building needs. Manufacturing in Taiwan for

Apex Dynamics has not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic due to the automated manufacturing procedures used. Not a single case of Covid has occurred there in the last 230 days so confidence in the workforce is high and production is carrying on as normal. With all of this in mind Apex Dynamics is as close to

manufacturing normality as in previous years and we forward to the future with our new products and standard 2-3 week delivery times.

Apex Dynamics u 0121 737 1170 u u

ESAB launches WeldCloud Notes document management software


SAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced WeldCloud Notes PQR/WPS document management

software as part of its ESAB Digital Solutions suite of online management tools. WeldCloud Notes enables companies to better perform four essential tasks: • Maintain quality and compliance while managing PQR (procedure qualification records) and WPS (welding procedure specifications) documents in one place;

• Efficiently review all of its PQR, WPS and WPQ (weld procedure qualifications) information with a quick and easy search feature (view video);

• Generate a PQR or WPQ with all essential variables; • Prevent missing a qualification expiration date or wasting time and money on requalifying welders.

“WeldCloud Notes helps companies increase productivity,

reduce costs, avoid liabilities and improve quality assurance during project execution,” says Ludvig Enlund, General Manager Digital Solutions, ESAB. “This online software tool enables every relevant person on a project to access information, search for the correct qualifications, create welding procedures, introduce welding records, keep track of production and print reports for all the activity completed.”


Digital interfacing options featuring PMBus, UART, RS485, RS232, GUI and other connection protocols, not to forget models which can be accessed online with their own IP address over Power Pro Coms Module (PPCM) for checking, controlling and changing settings via Smartphone App.

Display Technology Ltd u

Industrial Displays & Embedded AI u 01480 411600 u

Digital Controlled Power u 01480 412233 u

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