Medical Line Blowers for the fight against COVID-19 M

icronel high pressure medical blowers and turbine products are being deployed in

critical COVID-19 related medical and scientific equipment that require precise air movement. Applications such as Breathing therapy,

Ventilators, Respirators, Personal Protection, ICU Hospital beds, Air Purification, Disinfection, Air sampling, Laboratory, Diagnostic & Test, all require some form of air movement with significant pressure or suction (vacuum) to force air through airways, tubes and chambers or overcome system/filter resistance. Micronel’s high performance blower range

is tailored to the needs of medical breathing ventilation therapy. Full Intensive care unit (ICU) intubated ventilator systems may require over 60+ millibar pressure to fill and inflate diseased lungs. For less severe cases, a less harsh treatment may be used with a tight-fitting mask or bubble helmet to provide continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). CPAP ventilators require around 20 to 30 millibars pressure to assist with breathing and oxygen therapy. After the initial emergency treatment there will

be an increased number of recovering patients that require continued respiratory support through homecare breathing assistance devices and cough or secretion clearance machines. Micronel’s medical blowers and turbines utilise long life, highly efficient, high-speed brushless


motor drives in the smallest form factors to generate high static pressures up to 16 mbar with up to 1000 l/min free blowing airflow. Crucially versions with Oxygen O2


anaesthetic gas resistance are also available. To test for coronavirus, PCR (Polymerase chain

reaction) consists of repeated temperature changes/thermal cycles on a DNA sample. The equipment often uses high speed blowers or fans for the cool down cycles. The Micronel U85MX blower, for instance, can generate very high-speed air up to nearly 300mph. Another coronavirus application is with

Powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) systems which create a positive pressure in masks and headtops to prevent ingress of contaminated air. The fans or blowers used in these pull air through very fine anti-viral HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air/absorbing) filters which block over 99.95% of particles whose diameter is equal to 0.3 μm (micrometre). Because of this inherent filter system resistance, a radial or centrifugal fan is needed to generate the necessary pressure/suction – and the Micronel U51 blower is often a first choice for PAPR systems due to its small size, high static pressure capability (5000 pascals +) and efficient 12vdc motors that make it ideal for battery or portable applications. Other Coronavirus related applications range from pressure relieving air mattresses for



Micronel high pressure medical blowers and turbine products are being deployed in a variety of critical COVID-19 related medical and scientific equipment requiring precise air movement of some kind in the fight against the virus. Applications such as Breathing therapy, Ventilators, Respirators, Personal Protection, ICU Hospital beds, Air Purification, Disinfection, Air sampling, Laboratory, Diagnostic and Test.

D481P U51DL U65HN U85MX 

patients confined to hospital beds in intensive care, disinfection and air purification systems, through to air monitoring and sampling in pharmaceutical vaccine production plants and laboratories. Micronel can match its high- performance fan and blower ranges to the requirements of individual applications. Micronel specialises in high performance

Blowers and Fans for industries with special performance characteristics – Medical, Electronics Cooling, Personal Protection, Packaging, Gas Analysis, Laboratory, Scientific, Transportation, Process Control, Industrial and many more applications. It offers the widest choice of standard ultra-slim fans, axial fans and high-performance high pressure radial blowers from UK stock and provides design support for modified products and specific designs.




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