Kistler launches the world's largest piezoelectric 3-component force sensor


Introducing the Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure - more than just a standard box!

specification, manufactured in the UK and with one purpose in mind: to provide a solution to industry design issues and to reduce assembly time. The enclosure makes use of a unique dual action lid. On


one side is a push-button clip mechanism, allowing the lid to be placed quickly without the need to screw it down. You can release the lid, drop your PCB into position on the ledge, snap the lid shut and the spring feature in the lid does all the work to keep your PCB in place. Meaning you can install your PCB with two quick and easy actions, without the need for screws! Alternatively turn the lid 180° and you’ll find a brass insert, allowing a countersunk screw to be used instead. In many standard off-the-shelf electronic enclosures,

obstructions prevent the PCB from reaching the far corners or walls of the internal space. With this new innovative enclosure, edge-to-edge capability is found in both the lid and base; maximising the footprint of your PCB and useable surfaces. This enclosure is a powerful tool and is available in four sizes and three colours.

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amdenBoss’ new Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure comes equipped with a market-leading design

ith a measuring range of up to 450kN in the Z axis and 100kN in the X and Y axes, Kistler's Type 9397C 3-component force sensor offers a unique

measuring capacity. This, the largest sensor of its type in the world, is the ideal choice for large-scale measurement tasks such as capturing impact forces in crash tests. The Swiss pioneer of piezoelectric measurement technology specializes in ready-to-use custom solutions that can also cope with extremely high measurement ranges.

Kistler piezoelectric 3-component force sensors are used to measure

dynamic and quasistatic tensile and compression forces, especially where small variations need to be detected. Being very rigid, the high natural frequencies makes the measurement of the smallest dynamic changes to very large forces in all three directions with high precision and excellent reliability.

Kistler Instruments Limited u 01256 741550 u

Eaton’s new CMT mobile valve section increases design flexibility and reduces valve bank size with two-service control capability

CMT expands the CMA advanced mobile valve family T

he power management company Eaton today announced the launch of the CMT mobile valve section, a streamlined new section option for the CMA

advanced mobile valve. With the capability to control two bidirectional services from one section – an industry first – the CMT valve section increases design flexibility and reduces CMA valve bank size, weight and overall system cost. Like the existing CMA mobile valve section, the new CMT section is

software-configurable and features CAN communication, on-board sensors, digital flow-sharing and electronic load-sensing to provide precise flow control and high responsiveness.

u New icotek KEL-DP time and cost saving

alternative to traditional cable glands now available from Foremost Electronics


oremost Electronics, the engineering- led Essex based importer and

specialist distributor of electromechanical components, announces new additions to icotek’s market leading range of cable entry plates, the KEL-DP 25 version A and KEL-DP 32 version A and B. KEL-DP products offer high cable density and are a simple to use cost saving alternative to traditional cable glands. The KEL-DP is a hygienic design, free of dirt-collecting recesses and provides environmental protection IP65 / UL type 12.

The new products fit standard metric M25 and M32 cut-outs and, depending on the model up to 13 different cables

can be inserted through a single gland. The KEL-DP range can accommodate cable diameters from 5.2 to 8mm and are suitable for mounting in enclosure wall thicknesses from 1.5 - 4mm Cable access is quick and simple; the membrane only needs to be gently pierced for the cable can be passed

through and the KEL-DP provides very good strain relief on the cable bundle. If a cable is removed and the puncture in the membrane is no longer required, it can be safely closed with an icotek ST-B plug. KEL-DP entry plates are designed for routing cables without connectors and are snap-in mounted into the panel

cut-out without requiring any tools. Integrated spring bars centre the position of the KEL-DP in the cut-out. The KEL-DP 25 is available in version A (for sheet thicknesses from 1.5 to 2.5 mm) and the KEL-DP 32 has two

options; version A (for sheet thicknesses 1.5-2.5mm) and version B (for sheet thicknesses 2.8-4.0mm). All versions have a height of 5mm. Other icotek EMC shielding products available from Foremost include shield clamps, cable glands, strain relief

plates and cable entry systems including the EMC-KVT-DS, the world’s first split EMC cable gland for preassembled cables which also provides IP54 protection for use in extreme outdoor conditions. Emma Kempster, Key Account Manager, of Foremost Electronics, comments;” The new icotek KEL-DP 25 cable

glands offer fast, flexible and convenient waterproof cable access to panels and enclosures for a wide range of industrial applications.”

Foremost Electronics u 01371 811171 u u CONNECTINGINDUSTRY.COM/DESIGNSOLUTIONS u

TÜV SÜD UK Launches UKCA Technical Advisory Service


ÜV SÜD UK today

launches a UKCA Technical Advisory service to help businesses meet the new conformity assessment requirements for goods being placed on the UK market from 1st January 2021. Although the UKCA mark will replace the EU’s CE marking,

different rules apply to different products and UK nations. For example, some goods will have to apply the UKCA marking immediately, whereas others have a year’s transition period lasting until 1st January 2022. Likewise, while the UKCA marking will apply in England, Scotland and Wales, CE marking will continue to be accepted in Northern Ireland. Mary Grigsby, Head of TÜV SÜD UK’s Product Service

division, said: “For businesses supplying the UK market there are still a lot of unanswered questions and misleading information. It is therefore vital that they are properly prepared if they still want to be selling products on the UK market. Our team operates across many industries and has an in-depth understanding of UKCA technical and commercial requirements. We can help businesses to understand the rules that apply to different products and support them through the steps to compliance.” As TÜV SÜD holds dual accreditation as a UKCA Approved

Body and CE marking Notified Body, it can therefore continue to support manufacturers, importers and retailers to maintain CE certification for EU markets, as well as gain UKCA approval.

TÜV SÜD u 01489 558100 u u


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