From the invention of the Coiled Pin to an extensive product line...

Following its introduction to the UK in 1961, SPIROL has

continued adding new products to the range – including a new, high-performance, series of Molded-In Inserts for plastic assemblies which it introduced this year


PIROL Industries was firstly introduced to the UK in 1961 as SPIROL Pins. The

company laid its foundations at Sunbury- on-Thames, Middlesex. It was the first subsidiary of its US parent company, CEM Co Inc., to be established outside the States and was involved in the importation of the SPIROL Pin into the European market. So successful was the introduction of the SPIROL Pin that the company moved to Feltham, Middlesex, and later a manufacturing facility was established at Crediton, Devon. In 1976, both sales and manufacturing

combined within a single unit at Corby, Northamptonshire, where the company is sited today. Since the move to Corby the company has continued to grow, adding new products to the range of SPIROL Pins and also a European sales and distribution office in Reims, France, servicing the European mainland.

A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS Beginning with the invention of the Coiled Pin in the 1940s, SPIROL has continuously introduced new products, as well as improved the performance of established lines. At the moment, SPIROL manufactures Coiled Spring Pins, Compression Limiters, Disc Springs, Dowels, Inserts, Laminated and Precision


Shims, Slotted Spring Pins, Spacers, Solid Pins, and Installation Systems. SPIROL’s Production capabilities cover a wide variety of modern processes spanning proprietary roll form technology and stamping, 4-slides, lasers, CNC machining, and Swiss multi-spindle screw machines. Most heat treating and finishing processes are performed in-house to ensure consistent quality and to control delivery. Expansion and continuous improvement

is one of SPIROL’s main goals. Through the use of its internal engineering facilities, alongside looking at global best practices, the company is able to keep implementing new ideas and improving services. With the objective to embrace the digital

age, SPIROL has launched an eCommerce platform, allowing customers from all over Europe to purchase its Coiled Pins online. The platform also enables customers to download 2D and 3D drawings straight from the website, assisting designers from the start. SPIROL always aims to help customers meet their economic objective by improving performance while reducing fastener costs, related components costs and assembly costs, all the while still producing and delivering the highest quality products in the industry. To achieve this, excellent design engineers are employed who can

SPIROL currently manufactures Coiled Spring Pins, Compression Limiters, Disc Springs, Dowels, Inserts, Laminated and Precision Shims, Slotted Spring Pins, Spacers, Solid Pins, and Installation Systems

help customers accomplish their design needs from the beginning of the project.

MOLDED-IN INSERTS This year, SPIROL is pleased to introduce a new, high-performance, series of Molded-In Inserts for plastic assemblies. The rugged design of the Series 63 Through Hole Inserts and Series 65 Blind End Inserts consists of multiple bands of helical knurls to maximise torque resistance, balanced with radial undercuts to achieve high pull-out (tensile) force. These Molded-In Inserts are designed to be placed in the mould cavity prior to plastic injection, and offer exceptional performance due to unrestricted plastic flow into the retention features on the outside diameter of the Insert. These lightweight, lead-free, Threaded

Inserts are manufactured from 2024 grade aluminium which provides the best combination of strength, corrosion resistance, machinability and cost. The Inserts are: • Lead-free • 40% stronger than brass • 1/3 the weight of the same Insert manufactured from brass

• Standards available in both metric and inch sizes. Alongside this new product, SPIROL

offers a comprehensive line of Inserts for Plastics including Press-In, Self-Tapping, Heat/Ultrasonic and Molded-In styles to accommodate specific performance and installation requirements.



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