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C.K Cable Routing Solutions to the Rescue! P

rofessional tradespeople are familiar with cable routing and know the risks of splinters with some cable rods. That has become a painful reality for some professionals who have experienced injury when using

cable rods by other brands, with C.K coming to the rescue of those who have sustained bad injuries when using cheaper cable rod sets, made worse by the loss of valuable work time.

Unicrimp Metal

Content Cable Ties help reduce contamination

the addition of a new range of Metal Content Cable Ties. Designed specifically for use in the food and


pharmaceuticals industries, Metal Content Cable Ties are produced using a unique manufacturing process, which involves the inclusion of a metallic pigment throughout the length of the cable tie and enables even small 'cut-off' sections of the tie to be detected by standard metal- detecting equipment. They are blue in colour, which assists in visual detection and helps reduce the risk of contamination. This makes them ideally suited for the installation of cabling both in the plant and within areas adjacent to the manufacturing process. The addition of this new range was made as a result of increasing enquiries from customers for a product they can use within these specific environments. The new cable ties are made from self-extinguishing

nylon with a UL Flammability Rating of 94HB, with total metal content dispersed throughout the tie.

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nicrimp, part of the Scolmore Group of companies, continues to expand its cable accessories portfolio with

Innovative Features & Benefits with C.K Cable Routing C.K’s innovative range of quality cable routing products offer advanced technological features and benefits to ensure the needs of professional tradespeople are more than met, including vital safe and efficient working conditions. Working with trade professionals helps C.K find the best solutions and has enabled them to develop the

most advanced cable routing collection. The C.K MightyRods PRO range is specifically designed to combat the issues of painful splintering and snapping, thanks to an innovative SplinterShield™ coating - Europe’s first 100% splinter-proof material - that fully protects the rods and allows for longer cable runs.

Flexibility is also key to successful

cable routing and, with that in mind, C.K introduced its super-flexible SpiraFLEX, perfect for accessing tight corners, bends and other obstacles. The SpiraFLEX draw tapes offer fantastic benefits when it comes to hassle-free cable routing. The super flexible and extremely tough 4mm Ø SpiraFLEX draw tape, offers a major improvement on standard nylon and steel draw tapes, which are often prone to twisting and kinking. The C.K Gloworm Cable Router –

adds another dimension to the range and is perfect for running cables around tight corners, through insulation filled walls, underneath flooring and across ceilings. Gloworm’s clever glow in the dark phosphorescent polymer construction, aids routing in low light conditions and easier navigation towards exit points. When charged under natural light, Gloworm provides an effective glow for up to 30 minutes.

Ovia fire-rated downlights guarantee compliance in all ceiling types


via Lighting’s full range of INCEPTOR and FLAMEGUARD fire-rated downlights have always been subject to the strictest test measures to

ensure they offer full compliance and have the corresponding test certification. With the increasing use of I-joists as part of floor construction, the National

Housebuilding Council (NHBC) recently updated its technical guidance on recessed light fittings in ceilings to intermediate floors in houses. As a result, the NHBC now requires test evidence showing that recessed downlights are suitable for a similar I-joist and plasterboard combination.

Ovia has successfully completed further fire resistance testing to demonstrate that its fire-rated downlights

satisfy the new guidelines issued by the NHBC. The testing was carried out by Efectis - a major player in fire science, covering all fire safety expertise in testing and modelling, certification and inspection around the world.

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integrated Type A and Type C USB charging ports, to meet growing demand and developments in the market for charging solutions. By integrating both Type A and Type C on the

Scolmore adds Type C USB socket outlets S

colmore has expanded its wiring accessories range to include 13A 2-gang socket outlets with

same socket, the range will have broader functionality and cover charging options for the widest possible range of devices that now use different sized ports. Used independently, the Type C USB has a

charging output of 5V DC, 3A, while the Type A USB has a charging output of 5V DC, 2.4A (independent charge). When both USB ports are in use, the 4.2A charge is shared, with Type C given priority to output its full 3A, with Type A reduced to an output of 1.2A.

Scolmore • 01827 63454

New additions to ESP’s best-selling Aperta door entry range

with more choice and wholesalers more opportunities for sales. EZTAG3 is a sleek keypad and proximity reader, designed


to provide a compact, durable and convenient solution for a wide variety of access control applications. Already available in silver, ESP has now introduced a black version which will broaden its appeal for a range of installations. Offering straightforward installation and commissioning

and with simple self-contained programming, EZTAG3 is an IP65 rated weatherproof combined access control keypad with proximity tag or pin code activation, accommodating up to 1,010 key tag holders or pin numbers. Users approach the keypad and enter a four digit code or hold a personal proximity tag within a few inches to activate one of the EZTAG3’s two on board relays which in turn activates an appropriate door release in separate controlled areas.

ESP • 01527 515150 • •


SP is expanding one of its best-selling products – the Aperta EZTAG door entry system – to offer installers

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