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Siemon’s new vertical cable manager system simplifies deployment


iemon, a leading global network

infrastructure specialist, has expanded its family of cost-effective open rack and cable management solutions with the new Value Vertical Cable Manager (VVCM) system. The Value Vertical

Cable Manager system has been specifically developed to integrate with Siemon’s 2-Post Value Rack, 19-inch Rack- Mount Horizontal Cable Managers and pathway support accessories to provide an equipment mounting and cable management solution that simplifies both the deployment and long-term management of critical network cabling infrastructures. Easily assembled in as little as five minutes, the new 45U vertical

managers mount directly to Siemon’s 2-Post Value Rack as well as other Siemon racking options, providing a cable management system that can be deployed rapidly. Available in widths of 4 inch (10cm), 6 inch (15cm), 10 inch (25cm) and 12 inch (30cm), the VVCMs are offered in both single and double-sided versions to enable a broad range of infrastructure topologies, simultaneously supporting cord management for high-density patching fields, efficiently routing horizontal cables, mounting PDUs, and routing equipment power cords. Unlike most vertical managers, which typically utilise difficult to operate

snap-on covers, the Siemon VVCM line features dual-hinged doors with one-finger spring release clips at each corner. This user- friendly design allows the doors to be opened in either direction to improve pathway accessibility and are much easier to open, close, remove, and re-attach than snap-on covers typically offered at this price point. The VVCMs also feature Siemon’s unique, high-capacity cable

management finger design. Capable of managing large quantities of larger diameter cable and cords in high-density environments as challenging as 48-port, 1U Category 6A patch panels, the fingers align with each U space, providing clear pathways for transitioning into the vertical cable management space. Within the vertical management space itself, the VVCM’s highly versatile

divider plate design provides an array of mounting options for cable management accessories and PDUs, including quarter-turn managers and hook and loop tabs for efficient cable routing and bundle separation, fibre spools for simple slack management and standard PDU button mounts. The divider plates can also be reversed, allowing additional vertical space in either the front or rear of the manager as needed. “Today, commercial enterprise networks are connecting more devices

than ever before. This means more cables and equipment that service network interconnection points and more moves, adds and changes as converging infrastructure evolves”, explains Dominic Ross, Technical Manager UK & Ireland at Siemon. “Network technicians and IT staff need an affordable, flexible and accessible solution for supporting and protecting IT equipment and we are very pleased that we were able to incorporate these market needs into the design of our new vertical cable management solution.”


LEDVANCE Human Centric Lighting aids patient recovery

ucts provide biologically optimized day-night lighting which reflects natural cir- cadian rhythms to benefit both patients and medical staff, improving sleep regularity, concentration and mood. Dieter Lang, Human Centric Lighting expert at LEDVANCE, commented, “It is


common for hospital patients to suffer from a loss of circadian synchronization, especially in intensive care units, which are often without significant quantities of daylight. A stable circadian rhythm can support good sleep and, therefore, good recovery. The LEDVANCE BIOLUX HCL range follows the natural rhythm of day and night by providing brighter, bluer light during the day which reduces in brightness and blue content in the evening. As a result, a healthy day-night rhythm for the patients is supported.” Besides supporting the sleep rhythms of patients, the BIOLUX HCL range can

improve the wellbeing and productivity of hospital staff, especially in rooms which are often without natural daylight such as X-Ray or MRI rooms. Further- more, specific lighting designed for night shifts keeps staff active and alert at the late hour without desynchronizing their body clock. The LEDVANCE BIOLUX HCL range consists of a control unit, panel and downlight which communicate wirelessly with each other. The products come with a 5 year guarantee.

Hammond IP66 stainless steel industrial enclosures

EDVANCE have launched a new range of BIOLUX HCL products which are tailored to the specific demands of healthcare environments. The new prod-

he IP66 EJSS family from Hammond Electronics is available in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, supplied as standard in a natural smooth brushed finish. Sealed to IP66, the EJSS is designed for use as an instrument enclo- sure, an electric, hydraulic or pneumatic control housing, electrical junction box or terminal wiring enclosure. In applications such as food processing, a formed lip on the enclosure diverts flowing liquids and contaminants away from the seamless poured-in place gasket in the door, enabling it to be hosed down during cleaning. Stainless steel is also an excellent material for installation in areas where corrosion may be a problem. The EJSS family is available in 22 sizes, ranging from 102 x 102 x 76mm to 406 x 356 x 254mm. All but the two smallest sizes are supplied complete with a 1.6mm thick in- ternal unpainted galvanised steel panel. The EJSS meets IEC 60529 IP66 for European and CE, UL and NEMA 3R, 4, 4X, 12, and 13 requirements for North American markets. The body and cover are formed from 1.3mm stainless steel with smooth,


continuously welded seams without knock outs, cut outs, or holes. Integral heavy duty full width top and bottom brackets facilitate mounting the enclo- sure to an external surface. The cover, mounted on a heavy duty continuous hinge, opens through 180° for good access; a quarter turn latch prevents ca- sual unauthorised access by requiring a tool for operation. A bonding stud is provided on the door and a grounding stud is fitted to the enclosure.

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