Engineering services bodies issue site safety guides E

ngineering services bodies ECA and BESA have released a joint sector guide on work- related travel and updated their guides on

working in close proximity and in areas of increased risk of transfer of COVID-19, such as healthcare settings. The three sector guides are based on the latest

government ‘COVID-secure’ workplace guidance and the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Site Operating Procedures (version 4). They provide concise, relevant advice for engineering and build- ing services contractors working across construc- tion and FM. The guides have been drawn up with the support

of a COVID-19 expert panel, made up of BESA and ECA safety practitioners. The panel is also helping the two associations to provide informed, practical comments on site health and safety issues to gov-

ernment and the bodies generating industry-wide guidance in this area. Paul Reeve, ECA Director of CSR and member of

the CLC working group on health and safety said: “The joint BESA/ECA guides tackle some of the most challenging issues facing engineering serv- ices contractors. The content is based on govern- ment guidance and the practical input of safety practitioners from across our sector. We are closely monitoring any changes in guidelines from the gov- ernment and its agencies, and we will update these guides as necessary”. BESA Health and Safety Advisor Rebecca

Crosland said: “The Covid-19 Expert Panel have pro- duced important and vital guidance to ensure that best practice information is available to all areas of the industry. The new guidance provides timely and helpful advice on what you may need to consider


when travelling for work. We all need to return to work safely while still being mindful of the very real risk of COVID-19.” The guides can be accessed at BESA and ECA collaborate on a range of issues in the engineer- ing services sector. The partnership brings to- gether the two leading associations representing engineering services; some 4,000 businesses with a combined annual turnover of almost £10bn. To- gether, BESA and ECA cover a range of engineer- ing, design, installation and facilities management activity, including electrical, heat- ing, plumbing, energy management, micro-gener- ation, ductwork, ventilation, fire and security, and wireless systems. Joint work includes representa- tion in key areas like contracts, procurement, pay- ment and health & safety.


Simark Controls receives EFOY Pro fuel cell order from SiteWatch Safety to power remote video surveillance equipment on major pipeline construction project


imark Controls Ltd., a subsidiary of SFC Energy, a leading provider of

hybrid fuel cell solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, has received an order from SiteWatch Safety Inc., Calgary, Canada, forthe delivery of EFOY Pro 2400 Duo fuel cells as reliable hybrid power source for their SiteWatch SENTRY SKID remote video surveillance package. This equipment will be used along 980 km of new pipelines during the construction phase of the project. The order amounts to CAD 0.325 million.SiteWatch Safety Inc. designs and delivers technical solutions to the energy sector. The Company's SENTRY SKID package provides autonomous off-grid video surveillance equipment to help companies document and respond in real-time to potential issues at remote worksites. The SENTRY SKID allows a company to monitor and document the presence of wildlife, trespassers, construction-site accidents or malicious acts such as theft or tampering, in order to protect and enhance safety at remote locations.

to ensure uninterrupted system opera- tion. This configuration is extremely effi- cient and ensures full power redundancy: Even if solar is damaged or stolen, the fuel cell is sized to carry the full load and maintain the batteries. “We are excited that SiteWatch Safety

has selected EFOY Pro fuel cells to power their video equipment,” says Hans Pol, COO of SFC Energy. “The ulti- mate power dependability and the many logistical advantages of our EFOY Pro Hybrid solutions help oil & gas compa- nies and pipeline builders to keep their operations safe. Our customers also ap- preciate the very small carbon footprint of our EFOY hybrid systems: They enable substantial reductions in CO2 equivalent emissions over TEG or fuel gas genset

EFOY Pro Hybrid Energy Solutions from SFC En-

ergy deliver autonomous, dependable, virtually maintenance-free power to off-grid installations 24/7/365. In a hybrid configuration together with solar, the solar array maintains the batteries when the sun shines in order to power the application. When a solar array is unable to deliver enough power, the EFOY senses the battery voltage drop and automatically switches on to keep the battery bank charged before going back into standby mode

based solutions.” EFOY Pro Hybrid solutions by SFC Energy offer ex-

tremely high-power reliability together with the capa- bility to operate fully autonomously for months or years at a time. They can also be remotely controlled and monitored via Modbus, eliminating costly and unnecessary service trips to remote sites.

SIMARK CONTROLS +49 89 673 592 0


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