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Ellis Patents manufactures new senior appointment

aspects of its daily manufacturing activity. Rick Butterfield has joined the Rillington-based business from Dale

T Marshall-Tufflex

launches new Sterling Compact trunking range


s part of its ongoing dedication to product development and innovation, leading British manufacturer of PVC-U

cable management solutions Marshall-Tufflex, has updated its Mono Plus 20 trunking system. Rebranded as Sterling Compact and manufactured using 84% recycled PVC-U, the product has been re-engineered to improve user experience and installation, with a three-compartment base design and removable cover. Part of Marshall-Tufflex’s wide range of cable management solutions, Sterling Compact is the smallest of its three compartment trunking options (at 140mm x 50mm), making it suitable for dado applications and ideal for areas that may have trunking restrictions. Fully compatible and interchangeable with the visually identical Mono Plus 20 system, it accepts standard power, voice and data accessories and is compliant up to Cat 7a. The new Sterling Compact range is available to

order now.

Marshall-Tufflex • 01424 856600

CUBIC Modular Systems Ltd. •

AMP Group announce acquisition of the former Harland Simon UPS A

MP Procurement Limited ("AMP") is delighted to announce that we have purchased the Intellectual

Property Rights ("IPR") of Harland Simon UPS Limited ("HSUPS") and we have established a new company called AMP Power Protection Limited ("APPL") to run this business. AMP therefore has full rights and access to all designs & documentation of all equipment supplied by HSUPS since 1995 (over 25 years.)

APPL will provide rugged Power Protection Solutions to customers working in industrial applications, this will include:- custom design, supply, testing, project management, independent testing, documentation, service and support of: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems and Commercial Off The Shelf(“COTS”) UPS products. APPL can support and service any HSUPS equipment in the field. We can also supply new & replacement equipment in full compliance with the original equipment design.

APPL has employed 5 of the Senior Management Team

previously employed by HSUPS to ensure we can provide an excellent service to our customers. This smooth transition means APPL and the Team are now fully up and running and ready to support HSUPS customers.

AMP Procurement Limited (“AMP”) provides supply

chain management services to a range of customers. Principally operating within the defence sector, AMP Procurement also provides services to various government agencies including social housing projects and the NHS.

AMP MD Martin Peacock said; “We are delighted with the acquisition. The IP of the former Harland Simon UPS division had an excellent name in the industry - and in addition this is a perfect alignment for AMP's current strategy within the defence sector, as well as moving into the transport and utility sectors”

APPL CEO Andy Parfitt; “This is an exciting new venture. With the support of AMP Procurement we have have been able to quickly and efficiently establish AMP Power Protection. We are now ready to supply and support Power Protection products in Harsh Industrial applications, productions ranging from Commercial Off The Shelf ("COTS") to Ruggedised solutions up to Custom built systems in full compliance with customer detailed specifications and application requirements. We can also supply and support the Harland ProtectUPS(R) range of products. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with our customers and suppliers.”

(Andy Parfitt, APPL CEO with Martin Peacock, APPL MD.) With the support of the parent company "AMP",

both finance and management we are able to support and run your projects NOW. We are already running the T26 contract for BAE Systems, and several other smaller contracts.

AMP Procurement Limited • 01908 470256 • •

Power Solutions, and has taken direct responsibility for everything from production planning and project costing to building and plant maintenance and repairs; continuous improvement initiatives to the management of all stores, warehousing and despatch. Commenting on his appointment, Rick said: “As well as a glowing

global reputation, Ellis is extremely well respected in North Yorkshire; being seen as one of the best employers in the region. When I saw this job opportunity I didn’t hesitate to apply, despite the fact I’d spent nearly 20 years with my previous employer.”

Ellis Patents • • 01944 758395

STA and KLM boxes are in stock C

he world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer and exporter, Ellis Patents has appointed a new operations manager to look after all

UBIC offers one of the best and most versatile standard ranges in the market. The range includes

junction boxes, mounting enclosures and cabinets, hygiene and floor cabinets, control panels, control desks and a long list of accessories. The high quality of the products and the extensive

versatility give a host of options, and the boxes may be applied wherever there is a need for a safe and efficient enclosure of electrical equipment. Specifications up to IP69K, AISI304 & AISI316, and we can include all hole punchings for significant order quantities ! The most popular STA and KLM boxes are in stock, and can be delivered with short notice.


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