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Retail Traffic Lights System by Lewden C

hallenging times require resilience and adaptability, something that Lewden has always demonstrated to an extraordinary degree. Lewden has been fully

1200W AC-DC

Industrial/Medical Brick leads the way

with 21% more power W

e are excited to announce the new TUNS1200 part of the TUNS series from Cosel is available from

Components Bureau, the new power module designed for industrial and medical applications boasts 21% more power in a 36% smaller footprint than the current 1kW industry standard. Packaged in sealed housing with an aluminium baseplate, the TUNS1200 is the latest member of COSEL’s TUNS series, which includes a 50W ¼ brick, 100W ½ brick and 300, 500 and 700W full brick units. The TUNS1200 has a height of just 12.7 mm (0.5”) and weighs less than 280 grams. The TUNS 1200F offers a wide input voltage 85VAC

to 305VAC and output voltages 28V & 48V with a 12V model coming soon. The model is approved to UL62368-1 and EN62368-1

with 2 x MOOP with 3000VAC input to output isolation and 1 x MOOP with 2000VAC input to isolation.

Components Bureau • 01480 412233 •

Hultafors Tools

committed to stay connected with the customers as well as facilitate resumption of operations without any compromise on safety. Constantly evolving to meet the customers’ needs, Lewden has recently launched retail traffic lights system as a solution for the safe resumption of operations during Covid-19 global pandemic. It is an efficient and an effective way for queue management and to control traffic at trade counters, in shops and commercial organizations. They are available in both Manual and Smart versions. The Manual solution allows the status of the traffic light to be changed via a pushbutton panel with a manual switch. This version is designed for those applications where you want to take direct control and manage the command without the use of batteries. The Smart solution has a bi-directional transmitter radio solution that allows you to check the status of the traffic light on your remote control.


Both the versions are available with wall mountable and free standing options. •

Hultafors Tools’ NEW Range of SCREWDRIVERS Precision, quality and ergonomics are the hallmarks of these superb new products.


ultafors Tools has launched a new range of Screwdrivers for professional craftsmen and women. With VDE Screwdrivers specially designed for

electricians – including tested and certified SL/PZ and VOLTAGE TESTER models - theres over 80 other SLOTTED, PHILIPS, POZIDRIV, TORX® STUBBY Screwdrivers, plus Hex Drivers and Bit Holders that can be bought individually or in sets – or by size - to suit the jobs you have in hand.

Researched and developed with craftsmen and women for professional use,

they all have a superb ergonomic design for optimal comfort. The long rubber- coated handles ensures grip for precision and maximal transmission of power. The handle is made from durable PPC plastic with a coating of age-resistant and easy- to-grip rubber.

The permanent marking of type and size on the top as well as the handle’s colour make it easy for the user to select the right screwdriver.

• 01484 854788 •

Schmersal produces access control systems to support retailers during coronavirus crisis


he Schmersal Group is helping retailers and other companies to cope with the effects of

the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The company has developed a digital access control system that makes it easier to comply with coronavirus regulations in public spaces without considerable staff expenditure. The distancing rule is the order of the day in

these times of coronavirus, and to maintain safe distances, access management is absolutely necessary. The ‘Schmersal Human Counter’ (SHCIO-20) is an intuitive traffic-light system with integrated counter that automatically counts the number of visitors entering a building. As soon as a maximum number of visitors has entered, a signal tone is sounded to indicate that the person who entered the building last must leave. In addition, the system also uses traffic-light colours to indicate access or no access, with green meaning ‘please enter’ and red meaning ‘please wait’. The system has already undergone several

weeks of testing at a retailer and is available for delivery immediately. The ‘Schmersal Human Counter’ could also come in useful in places such as fitness studios, doctor’s practices, restaurants and other public institutions. The key elements of the system are an

indicator light (green, yellow, red) with buzzer and a programmable safety relay module from the PROTECT SRB-E series, produced at the Schmersal Group’s Wettenberg site. This module is normally used to monitor safety switchgear and achieves the maximum safety level in machine safety. The traffic-light system is quick and easy to install, requiring just a conventional 230 V socket;

the counter also needs to be set. The system, capable of counting up to twenty people, comprises entirely industry-tested components. For user-friendly operation, the system incorporates command devices from the Schmersal N range, which are designed for maximum hygiene and easy cleaning. ‘Many businesses have developed creative

emergency solutions for access management, but they often require considerable staffing or even raise the risk of contagion,’ explains Ulrich Bernhardt, Sales Manager for Control Systems at the Schmersal Group. ‘By contrast, the Schmersal Human Counter is a simple system that can requires very little investment and few staff. We have put our cumulative experience in safety systems into the development of the system. For decades, Schmersal has been working to ensure that people are protected from health hazards in their working environment.’

The Schmersal Group • •


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