Yuhua CCTV camera stations added to Eaton’s range of hazardous area solutions


ower management company Eaton is making its Yuhua CCTV range available to customers around the world, following

successful certification to ATEX and IECEx standards by independent test house DNV. Made in Eaton’s Yuhua manufacturing plant in

Changzhou, China, the Yuhua range offers system integrators and EPCs the option of specifying high quality CCTV equipment suitable for hazardous industrial applications such as oil and gas, petrochemical and marine. “The Yuhua CCTV range is manufactured to the

same exacting quality and Ex standards as any other Eaton Hazardous Area Communications product,” explains Chris Stubbins, Global Product Manager for CCTV. “These products already have a proven track record of reliability in the Chinese oil and gas sector - a reputation that is now reinforced by independent global certification.” Eaton states that the Yuhua CCTV range can

meet most project specification needs. Specifiers can choose from weatherproof & explosion proof, PTZ and fixed camera types and

peripherals. The HD IP ONVIF compliant camera stations offer a range of features including 20x to 44x zoom and 2MP to 8MP resolutions. The fixed unit uses a 20x zoom camera block

module so that the image can be adjusted remotely in low temperature conditions. With a selection of transmission types available – such as standard ethernet, fiber optic, and ethernet over coax – the Yuhua CCTV range offers end users great flexibility and is equally suitable for new construction or retrofit projects. All cameras in the Yuhua range are certified to

operate in temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +65ºC and are made from 316L grade stainless steel with IP66 or IP68 ingress protection. Yuhua CCTV cameras also hold specific approvals for shock and vibration, making them an ideal choice for offshore and marine applications. All Yuhua products are manufactured to

ISO9001, ISO/EN80079-34 and Eaton’s own Quality standards and common procedures.



Router achieves Class 1, Division 2 certification from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and EU II 3G Ex ec IIC T5 Gc certification

availability of select MultiConnect rCell 100 Series LTE Category 4 industrial routers designed and certified for safe use in potentially explosive environments. Developed in response to customer require-


ments to meet US and EU guidelines to control the risk of dangerous substances igniting, these models are designed to protect property and pre- vent loss of life. They are ideal for applications in oil and gas production and other environments where safety standards are beyond that of stan- dard cellular router deployments. These environ- ments are defined as areas in which an explosive mixture is not likely to occur in normal operation and, if it does occur, it will exist for only a short period of time. MultiConnect rCell 100 Series is a simple to

deploy cellular router designed to connect industrial and critical infrastructure assets with a high degree of reliability. Core to the product is the aspect of remote device management


ulti-Tech Systems, Inc., a supplier of Industrial IoT communication devices and services, has announced the

using the DeviceHQ cloud platform. DeviceHQ allows management of your device fleet, allowing updates, as well as connectivity and usage alarms, and device location ( GPS or userdefined). Remote access to Modbus devices is made convenient with the integrated serial terminal server. The MultiConnect rCell is approved in the U.S. for use with mobile network operators like AT&T and Verizon, to accommodate all your domestic deployments.

European models use a GCF certified module for use with European carriers. “Working closely with leaders in the oil and gas

industry has clarified a unique set of needs which we fully intend to meet within our portfo- lio,” said David Tincher, Senior Product Market- ing Manager at MultiTech. “From anti-explosive safety measures to DIN-rail mounting and multi- ple connectivity technologies, industrial buyers can count on MultiTech for reliable connectivity solutions and outstanding customer service.” Featuring mPower™ Edge Intelligence Soft-

ware, the MultiConnect rCell simplifies integra- tion with a variety of popular upstream IoT platforms to streamline edge-to-cloud data man- agement and analytics. mPower Edge Intelli- gence also incorporates a host of critical security features including signed firmware vali- dation, enhanced firewall and VPN settings, se- cure authentication and more.

MULTI TECH +1 800 328 9717

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