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Snickers new stretch work shorts – comfortable and lightweight

HellermannTyton launches TipTag5


ork Shorts for the flexible working environment - designed to deliver superior comfort and freedom of movement. Fabric, Functionality

and Fit are hallmarks of Snickers Workwear, it’s the innovation and fabric technology in the design of the new Stretch Shorts for men and women that really set these new garments apart. These new AllroundWork and FLEXIWork shorts are great for working in

the warmer months. Delivering superior flexibility and comfort, these lightweight work shorts come in a body-mapping design and a range of new colours including Hi-vis options. Made from a self-ventilating stretch fabric with Cordura reinforcements

for all-round mobility and durability, they’re packed with comfort and functionality and specially designed for the fast-paced professional who’s always on the go for delivering top class work on site. For professional tradesmen and women who rely on their gear in

demanding environments, Snickers Workwear Work Shorts are a must for everyone who wants the ultimate in cool comfort this summer. To get more information on what’s right for you in the Snickers

Workwear range, visit the website at alternatively, email or call the Hultafors Group Helpline on 01484 854788.

anufacturer of cable management products HellermannTyton has ex- tended its TipTag product range with the launch of its TipTag5 cable

marker. Designed with size in mind, the small 5.5mm high x 50mm long tag can be used with the smallest wires and cables in the industry. Manufactured from a specially compounded halogen-free material, the TipTag5

is designed for use where limited fire hazard properties are required and can identify wires and cable bundles even down to the smallest diameter. TipTag5 is a permanent marker solution for identifying cables in numerous in-

dustries such as Telecom, Aerospace, Defence and Mass Transit to name a few. This range is designed to provide two rows of printable tags instead of one, offer- ing a more efficient and faster printing process for customers. The TipTag5 can be printed using HellermannTyton’s premium range of Ther-

mal Transfer printers and ribbons for optimum print quality and longevity. Ideal for marking wire and cable bundles, this tag has a perforated design that in- cludes fastening slots for cable ties, ensuring labelling will be secure. Mary Arrowsmith, UK Product Manager for Identification at HellermannTyton,

comments: “The TipTag5 is designed to provide easy identification for our cus- tomers’ products, allowing secure labelling on the smallest cables and wires, with the tags design to be fastened with cable ties. Made with polyolefin, the Tip- Tag5 can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 ºC up to 90 ºC, making it suitable for even the most challenging environments.” This recent launch reinforces HellermannTyton’s commitment to supporting

end-users and customers in numerous industries with product identification and specialist cable management needs.

Rutronik shows innovative approaches with UV LEDs F

facturing. For example, ultraviolet A-rays are suitable for use in vertical farming, while the extremely high-energy UVC rays are successfully used against harmful micro-bacteria and viruses. The entire Rutronik portfolio of LED technologies is available at Rutronik UK. Bacteria, viruses, spores and germs absorb 265 - 280 nm light emitted by UVC LEDs. As a result, their

DNA/RNA bonds are broken so that reproduction is no longer possible. Especially when used against multi-resistant microorganisms, UVC LEDs are the optimal solution. This also applies to situations that re- quire comprehensive surface or water disinfection - without the use of chemicals or thermal disinfection - as in drinking water treatment. A photo catalysis (= chemical reaction triggered by light), which is stimu- lated by UVA energy with 365~385 nm, is used to decompose bacteria, viruses, harmful gases or odours,

for example in air purification. UV curing, quite well known by nail studios, is a process in which ultraviolet light initiates a photochemical reaction that produces a stable polymer network. It is mainly used when rapid curing is required, for example in printing processes, coating, decoration, stereo lithogra- phy or the assembly of components. The well-known advantages of LED technologies such as long service life, consistent quality, no environmentally harmful heavy metals, low power con-

sumption and voltage and RoHS conformity are of course also available for UV LEDs. “Rutronik has an extensive portfolio of well-known LED manufacturers. In order to select the optimum product for individual requirements, our highly

qualified product managers are on hand - digitally and in person,” explains Shirley Coblenzer, Senior Manager Product Marketing Opto. “In addition, inter- ested parties can also request product samples in order to test the use of the UV LED at their leisure and in the planned environment.”

rom industry through to medicine and public infrastructure, the use of UV LEDs is offering new ap- proaches in the fields of sterilisation, deep cleaning of air and water, agriculture and industrial manu-


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