Communications BY DAVID FOX

Imagine Communications has updated its Selenio Network Processor (SNP) with several new software capabilities, including: JPEG XS encoding and decoding; an automated changeover switch; an advanced keyer; and additional audio management capabilities. They all take advantage of the core processing of the SNP, including the ability to easily combine HD and UHD, SDR and HDR, and SDI and IP connectivity. According to John Mailhot, CTO networking

and infrastructure, Imagine Communications, SNP is the software equivalent of a modular video processor, “with the huge advantages that you can plug in SDI or IP, you can add functionality by licensing the software, and you can switch between personalities quickly”. “So a processor chain can be an audio shuffl er and up-mixer for one show, and a production multiviewer the next,” he continued. “The great advantage of this approach is that we can continually add new functionality, which our customers can add without buying additional hardware or re-architecting their machine rooms.” JPEG XS offers visually lossless

production and contribution quality at very low latency (less than a frame), with typical



compression ratios between 5:1 and 20:1. The codec will be available at resolutions up to UHD/4K (and HDR). Users can tailor the bits-per-pixel (coding rate) for specifi c applications. Imagine is also working with leading cloud providers to create ground-to-cloud connections. The automatic changeover switch uses content-aware metrics to determine the health of each feed and switches seamlessly between A and B feeds to maintain a consistent on-air output. The new downstream keyer

offers four layers of keying, supports graphics sequencing and animations, and uses SNP core functionality to allow mixed IP and SDI I/O. The latest release adds support for up to 16 audio channels within


Multiple personalities: Imagine Communications’ SNP-MV multiviewer in action

each audio stream. Imagine has also upgraded the SNP’s audio shuffl ing and remapping capabilities to allow more complex audio channel mapping among the MADI, embedded and IP inputs and outputs. There are also signifi cant enhancements to the SNP- MV production multiviewer, including caption/subtitle

rendering and new on-screen indicators and alarms. Each 1RU SNP contains four independent processing chains, which can run separately or together to add capacity: the multiviewer, for example, can put nine PiPs on two UHD screens using one chain, or up to 36 PiPs across two UHD screens by combining chains.



the qualifi cations, certifi cations and resources to support Grass Valley’s extended customer base. Jan Lange, chief revenue offi cer, Grass


ASG, ES Broadcast and Logic Media Solutions have become the fi rst three members of the new GV Media Universe Advanced Channel Partner Program, which involves both commercial and technical integration with Grass Valley’s GV AMPP platform.

The global scheme allows selected partners to become an extension of Grass Valley’s AMPP (Agile Media Processing Platform) commercial, integration and technical teams. It is only available to partners who meet the requirements and invest in

Lange: The companies “are leading the way in making a cloud-fi rst future a reality”

Valley, said: “GV Media Universe has been developed to become the leading cloud-based ecosystem for live media production companies around the world and partnerships with key industry players is fundamental to our cloud strategy. One of the early ideas around the GV Media Universe and AMPP was to make a frictionless user experience for customers, whether that be provisioning cloud instances or adding new capabilities to workfl ows. With the launch of the GVMU Advanced Channel Partner Program, we were looking for companies that are already transitioning into cloud-based tools. ASG, ES


Caton Technology BY MICHAEL BURNS

The Caton Transport Protocols (CTP) have been developed from the previous CatonEngine to ensure stability, quality and security for video, media and other data transmissions.

This series of IP transmission technologies uses more than 30 in-built algorithms and deep learning approaches to smooth and mitigate network challenges. It offers patented dynamic error corrections to recover from data loss.

A signifi cant feature is the CatonNet Video Platform (CVP), which provides a fully managed IP network employing CTP for

Caton Prime is designed for 4K production

resilient and secure connectivity. CVP provides broadcast-grade media transmission services with a profi le in more than 60 countries. Caton is inviting visitors to IBC Digital to fi nd out more about

Broadcast and Logic Media Solutions are leading the way in making a cloud-fi rst future a reality.” Jonathan Lyth, group CTO, ES

Broadcast, said: “We are very happy that Grass Valley is the fi rst cloud partnership ES Broadcast enters into, particularly on the back of the lessons we have learned over the past 18 months. As with all the technology solutions we recommend to our clients, our focus is very much on the application of the right tool for the job. We can propose AMPP to our clients with conviction – both from a technical and commercial perspective – based on the granularity of AMPP’s workload-based model, the diversity of workloads it can offer, and the support we have seen. We expect AMPP to sit at the heart of our offering as cloud adoption gathers pace.”

partner service ArkHub, which offers a low-cost cloud storage service. Powered by Cydex,

ArkHub offers a simplifi ed pricing model that allows users to store data at a monthly storage cost

with no additional charges for ingress or egress, no early deletion/embargo fees, and no region fees. According to Caton, there is no discrimination between ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ data, while the ArkHub Web Connect offering can archive and transfer data fi les simultaneously. Also available now are two encoder/decoder products: Caton Prime, which is designed for 4K production, and Caton Live, which is geared towards HD.

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