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New or enhanced software solutions that support IP production and virtualisation are among the latest innovations from WorldCast

What are the main areas of growth your company is looking to address over the next 12 months? This year there are a few different areas of growth that we are focusing on, primarily with new or enhanced software solutions. These solutions refl ect market trends and challenges around the themes of IP, virtualisation, energy savings, cost savings or optimisation, and higher audience understanding, targeting and engagement.

What will this mean for the products/services you provide? Our fl agship solutions meet in one way or another these key challenges. Kybio, our NMS software, is now available in v4. Among other features, this brings more scalability and ease of deployment with its now fully agnostic communication protocols, enabling compatibility with a wider range of media IP infrastructures. On the broadcast side, the migration to IP and less hardware remains a top priority with two

over IP with a low quantity of data and huge signal transparency; and SynchroStream, the most accurate technology to transport synchronous audio or MPX over IP. With another technology, SmartFM, we offer the market a highly innovative solution for FM broadcasters to lower their energy bills (and CO2 emissions) by up to 40%. Ecreso FM transmitters, designed with

effi ciency in mind, have SmartFM built into them for easy, and free, activation. This year we launched a v2 of SmartFM for higher potential savings and to further meet broadcasters’ requirements on the fi eld.

Gregory Mercier, director, product marketing & pre/post- sales support, WorldCast Group (WorldCast Systems and Connect)

new APT technologies: APTmpX, a unique algorithm to transport MPX

Our monitoring range is also growing with the new Audemat FM Probe. This is probably the most powerful FM probe available on the market. It sequentially monitors a list of defi ned stations and continuously ensures the FM network conformity with both legislation and radio expectations. For each station monitored, critical thresholds are defi ned and, when a problem is detected, alarms are



SaaS specialist Signiant recently completed the acquisition of Levels Beyond, the company behind the media workfl ow software suite known as Reach Engine.

The deal marked Signiant’s second acquisition of 2021; in March, it bought Lesspain Software, a German provider of embedded media processing software and the desktop application Kyno, to facilitate organising, fi nding and interacting with media assets. The Levels Beyond acquisition extends Signiant’s offerings to include a range of confi gurable workfl ow building blocks. Margaret Craig, CEO, Signiant, said: “By virtue of our underlying acceleration technology and broad-based role in the global

triggered. The operator can then remotely check the signal received, determine the impact on the listener, and react to fi x the issues. Also, in the Audemat range, a new RDS Server gathers any data source and feeds RDS encoders to improve radio datacasting and revenues. In this interconnected age, broadcasters need tools to facilitate the retrieval, processing and delivery of increasingly complex data streams. This solution is entirely compatible with WorldCast’s fully digital Audemat RDS Encoder.

What sets your company apart as a technology leader? I think our most signifi cant added- value is our extensive expertise across the entire broadcast chain. Whether it’s for content transport and delivery, FM transmission, solutions to ensure high QoS or signal conformity, choosing WorldCast is synonymous with reliability, high quality and great customer service by teams who are passionate about their solutions.



Craig : “Our SaaS platform… is the ideal anchor point for adjacent media-centric functionality”

fl ow of media, Signiant can provide customers with a foundation that addresses multiple supply chain challenges effi ciently and at scale. Our SaaS platform has critical mass, it serves as the core of the B2B media ecosystem, and it is the ideal anchor point for adjacent media-centric functionality.” Art Raymond, founder, Levels Beyond, said the decision to join forces with Signiant was clear and noted that the two companies share a number of

key customers: “We’re excited to become part of a high-growth, customer-centric software company that is committed to the media industry.”

Mike Flathers, chief solutions

offi cer, Signiant, said: “By leveraging know-how from Levels Beyond and the power of the Signiant SaaS platform, we can give customers what they’re asking for – which is a much lighter-weight, simpler, more productised approach to workfl ow implementation.”

The new Yowie secure software-defi ned storage appliances pack fi ve nodes with 3+2 erasure coding (for data protection) into a single 3U device.

The system is claimed to

offer maximum data security and protection, with the focus on business continuity without users having to become security experts. Components are also hot-swappable for easier serviceability. There are


two versions: the Yowie 53H with 15 HDDs; or the Yowie 53F all-fl ash series with 40 fl ash SSDs and ten NVMe drives. The 53H-HDD series starts from 32TB usable capacity while the 53F starts from 41TB usable capacity. Both have dual platinum power supplies. Besides saving on rack space, the 3U design is also claimed to save on power and cooling. The Yowies also chime with RNT Rausch’s mantra of simplicity-as-a-service, which promises to deliver “enterprise-grade storage infrastructure at entry level storage cost and stop paying for features you don’t need”.

Wowie: The new Yowie 53H-HDD software-defi ned storage appliance

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