IBC is welcoming the world’s media and entertainment community to its IBC Digital platform, with a host of interviews, keynotes, discussions and presentations being published on the platform. With the in-person, Amsterdam-based event cancelled amid concerns about the spread of coronavirus in Europe, IBC’s content programme will instead take place on IBC Digital. As well as a comprehensive content offering, IBC Digital is home to an unrivalled number of exhibitor profi les, providing users with the opportunity to discover new products and services, and arrange meetings with suppliers. Keynotes and discussions that would have been presented to delegates on the exhibition fl oor of the RAI are now being recorded and published to IBC Digital. From Friday 3 December, world-class speakers from globally recognised media and entertainment brands will deliver their keynote presentations and engage in discussions and debate over the course of a week. Speakers from the likes of Netfl ix, HBO Max and ViacomCBS will speak about a range of industry issues and technology priorities, from the growth in remote production to the rise of direct-to-consumer services.

In a session published on Friday and now available on-demand, Discovery EVP GM, UK and Nordics James Gibbons spoke about streaming service Discovery+ and the lessons learnt since its launch last year. He spoke about Discovery’s strategy of

providing a depth of programmes for viewers with passionate interests in areas such as food, science, space, exploration and survival. “Content really is what it’s all about. Yes, we aggregate all these passionate audiences but for SVOD you must go big and make a splash and turn up the volume on everything. “Your talent has to be higher profi le and stories must have a bigger impact – you can’t


Celebrating excellence Inside the winning entries of this year’s Innovation Awards, plus Barbara Slater’s International Honour for Excellence award and the BBC R&D’s Best Technical Paper

Pages 6 & 8

Technology tours Join IBC’s Workfl ow Tours on creative production, content supply chain, live production and distribution with insight from leading vendors and commentators

Pages 11 & 12 Discovery’s James Gibbons discusses the lessons learnt since launching Discovery+

be shy in SVOD. Also, it’s a hungry beast and the appetite of audiences is enormous; whatever you put up will be consumed.” During the in-depth conversation with Omdia senior research director, TV, video and advertising Maria Rua Aguete, Gibbons also spoke about the ability to derive “granular” levels of data from its streaming service and Discovery’s approach to balancing its linear offering with its streaming proposition. He also spoke about the importance of the big screen. “We see consumption of our services on PC and mobile so that is vital, but there is no question that the big screen is king – and the main audiences for premium video are those who have access via the big screen, whether via smart TVs or pay-TV providers. Reaching those pay-TV audiences has been really important for us, and they are big screen providers.”

The session with

James Gibbons is now available on-demand on IBC Digital.

Interview ITN’s technology boss Jon Roberts on embracing innovation and adopting new production techniques

Page 15

Keynotes coming up on IBC Digital (all at 12:30 CET)

Monday 6 December Superna Kalle, Starz

Tuesday 7 December Johannes Larcher, HBO Max

Wednesday 8 December Yiannis Exarchos, OBS

Thursday 9 December Olivier Jollet, Pluto TV/ViacomCBS

Friday 10 December Vincent Tauzia, Netfl ix

And from 13-17 December, IBC Digital will also offer a programme of content, panel sessions, Accelerator projects, video on demand and interviews focusing exclusively on the theme of Innovation.

IBC Digital has a range of options that allow you to manage your online IBC experience, making sure it’s relevant for you. Via IBC Digital you can manage your profi le, add a photo and opt-in for peer-to-peer networking with the ability to message and schedule meetings with peers and suppliers. You can also favourite exhibitors and products, download information and catch up on their company news.

Technology showcase Find out about the latest products and services for capturing and delivering quality content

Pages 34-70

Interview OBS CEO Yiannis Exarchos on covering global sporting events and delivering native UHD and HDR productions

Page 16

Media innovation Accelerators: Following the growth in esports and improvements in AR, fi nd out about this 5G location-based entertainment experiences project

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