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ung health tops the list of spa trends for 2021–22 and, of course, it’s no wonder. The pandemic has turned a lot of things upside down. Physical wellness has become more of a focus, with much more being done to stay healthy. Taking a sauna has been proven to be good for the immune system, there’s no question about that. In addition, viruses – especially enveloped viruses, such as SARS-COV-2 – are deactivated when exposed to 55–65°C heat for 15 to 30 minutes.

These are temperatures that a human body can easily withstand, which prevail in a sauna. Especially in alternation with cold pours, the circulation is stimulated and the vessels are exercised. In addition to fighting off infections, saunas can help relieve muscle tension caused by joint problems and make the skin appear fresher and younger. Knowing this is wonderful at a time when more facilities around the world are being allowed to reopen. However, it goes without saying that (even in private saunas) hygiene regulations should be strictly observed and implemented.

Kemitron is a German-based company that develops, produces, manufactures and distributes high-quality spa and wellness products for the international market.

Kemitron offers a variety of fragrances and solutions for various spa and wellness applications.

is also noticeable in the fragrances, for example, Gingko + Sage or even Ginger + Seaweed are ordered more from Kemitron. The company is also noticing that people are spending more time in nature, which also fits with the increase in orders for floral-herbal scents. Here, fragrances such as Birchtree + Cloudberry or Spruce + Cranberry are on

“For decades, Kemitron’s own fragrances have been created, manufactured and shipped from the best raw materials at its headquarters in Wendlingen, Germany.”

For decades, Kemitron’s own fragrances have been created, manufactured and shipped from the best raw materials at its headquarters in Wendlingen, Germany. Customers can choose from an extensive range of fragrances for various spa and wellness applications. It is also presently experiencing a turnaround in the trends of sauna fragrances. The company is currently seeing a departure from the strong fruity notes and an increase in floral and herbal fragrances, and of course those that emphasise wanderlust. In times like these, when people are more alone, more delicate and natural notes are in more demand. This

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the rise. Always in demand are the all-time classics, for example, eucalyptus, lavender, all mint and all needle scents, such as fir, spruce or mountain pine.

Brine inhalation as all-round power for health and beauty Kemitron observes something similar with brine inhalation facilities, which, unsurprisingly, are also growing in popularity. The positive effect of brine mist on respiratory diseases have been known for centuries. By stimulating the formation of secretions, brine mist helps to alleviate the symptoms of respiratory diseases.

Furthermore, it soothes irritated coughs through the anti-inflammatory effect of the calcium and bicarbonate ions. And it clears the airways by stimulating the bronchial tubes to contract and dilate. Brine inhalation in spa and wellness areas, for example, in salt caves or steam baths, offers the same positive properties of the sea climate. This is why it is increasingly used in spa and wellness areas, as the beneficial effect that the sea climate has on the respiratory tract has also been known since time immemorial. It is not for nothing that the coastal region is a popular destination for people with respiratory diseases. Together with sunlight or UV light, brine mist has a calming effect on sensitive and inflamed skin. In addition, brine mist promotes general well-being, has a healing effect on skin irritations, firms and tightens the connective tissue, and thus has a triple beneficial effect on health, beauty and well-being. Customers can get brine inhalation systems as well as the suitable brine solution at Kemitron. It can also be used for brine misting systems, brine showers and marine climate rooms. ● 55

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