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Right: Lanserhof Lan resort in Austria, which offers two long Covid packages.

Opening page: SHA Wellness, which offers a seven-day Post-COVID programme structured around guest needs.

“From the very beginning, we knew that traditional

and scientific medicine should be integrated as a whole,” says the managing team at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain. “Traditional medicine helps the body to recover its balance by strengthening its own mechanisms, while Western medicine provides us with the tools that contribute to improve our physical condition. In SHA, we consider that both approaches separately help, but unifying them is when we can really achieve significant and lasting results.” While a typical Western clinic would focus on

discrete syndromes – tackling the parts that have gone wrong – resorts like SHA are based around the concept of integrative wellness. Under this approach, mind and body are linked, treatments focus on the whole person and Western medicine is used in conjunction with alternative healing modalities. As such, they are used to treat patients with diffuse,


Advanced packaged for two weeks, excluding accommodation, at Lanserhof Lans resort in Austria.

Lanserhof Resort €2,600

Starting price for SHA Wellness’ basic seven-day Post Covid programme, excluding accommodation.

SHA Wellness 52

non-specific ailments: burnout, chronic fatigue, poor mental health. SHA characterises its guests as people who ‘live a frenetic life’, whereas Lanserhof Resorts hosts wealthy, jet-set clients in need of regeneration. “Our guests are predominantly entrepreneurs or people in leadership positions,” says Nils Behrens, chief marketing officer at Lanserhof. “Not infrequently, they have achieved their career at the expense of their health. Now they want to help their bodies regenerate again.” In this regard, it isn’t too much of a leap to treat long Covid. Lanserhof unveiled its Covid-19 programme as early as May 2020, even before it knew how protracted the recovery process could be. Since then, its offering has evolved significantly, with two designated long Covid packages at the Lanserhof Lans resort in Austria. Both packages include diagnostics, fasting,

nutritional supplementation, exercise and ‘CellGym metabolic activation’, all designed to fight neuroinflammation. The advanced package is priced at €7,387 for two weeks, excluding accommodation.

“Unfortunately, as is usually the case in medicine,

there is no one therapy that is right for everyone,” says Behrens. “Nor can one say that a symptom has only one cause. Our task is to find all the causes and to help the body holistically to stop the inflammation in order to regenerate sustainably. Our packages are always adapted to the patient after examination and consultation with the doctor.” He describes the Lanserhof concept as

“a combination of the most valuable insights that nature and science have to offer” – fusing naturopathy, energy medicine, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, chronomedicine and advanced modern medicine. Fasting is core to its methodology, following the principle that intermittent fasting helps to regulate inflammation. “Long Covid is a silent inflammation reaction –

the virus is no longer there, but the inflammatory reaction continues and maintains itself,” says Behrens. “The anti-inflammatory mechanisms in the body are massively weakened and the inflammation also affects the brain, giving rise to chronic fatigue. We are the experts in detecting this kind of silent inflammation and stopping it.”

Post-pandemic wellness SHA Wellness offers a seven-day Post-Covid programme, starting at €2,600 for the basic programme, excluding accommodation. Following an initial health assessment and a series of specialised diagnostic tests, the patient can add specific treatment packs targeted towards their particular symptoms. “Because the virus does not affect all people equally, we rely on the coordination of multiple specialists following the principles of SHA’s integrative approach,” say the managing team. “It was decided that the post- Covid health programme would be structured around a basic programme, with the addition of packs.” SHA’s scientific committee began by identifying the most common post-Covid-19 symptoms. Eight

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Lanserhof Resort

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