viewed it on, what they did on completion of seeing your ad, what time/date your ad was seen and much more!

This data will become some of the best information you can get your hands on for your business. You will be able to find out what age range interacts with your adverts most, which location is most involved and where on Facebook your ads are showing up most. With this data you can continue to tweak your ads and make changes to help them become as intriguing and effective as possible.

All you need to do to get in front of this audience is to create a custom audience and make sure you have your Facebook pixel set up. Who you re-target is up to you! Maybe you want to target everyone that has previously been on your website, or perhaps there is one service you need to push more than another. The options are endless!

LARGE REACH Facebook has a whopping 2.89 billion global users on its platform! If you can’t find an audience to suit you on acebook, dare we ask what you are promoting?

For those in the taxi industry this number means you are going to be able to target people from all walks of life. So, whether you are looking for the people who prefer to book through an app, those who much rather make a call or you’re looking to recruit new drivers - Facebook is the one for you.

SPECIFIC From the moment a user sets up their Facebook account they are providing the information needed to make a marketer very happy. The social adverts that you set up can be based on a person’s age, location, title, job, education and interests. With a combination of all these areas you can make your audience extremely specific to your brand which will be fantastic for your conversions and return on investment.

EASY TO MEASURE Facebook stats are easy to find and easy to read, making it a great marketing platform for all as it doesn’t have to be confusing. On your business account you will find the ads centre which will give you an overview of what adverts you are running and how many people they have reached.

EXTENSIVE ANALYTICS Like all social media platforms, Facebook has its own analytical system built into Ads Manager. If you’ve run an ad, you will have your own Ads Manager access. Facebook Measurement allows you to view all the details of your paid advertising.

Expect to see some in-depth audience demographics; this includes where users are viewing your ads, what device they


OVERRIDE THE ALGORITHM Facebook’s algorithm is always changing. Have you posted something that once got over 100 likes and then posted something which has struggled to get 1 like? This is all down to the algorithm; it is the process of deciding which posts get shown where on the timeline.

Facebook bases this on how useful a post will be to the user. This is taken from what they have interacted with before. This normally means that businesses’ organic posts can be pushed down to the depths of their feed.

Using paid adverts lets you override this completely. Facebook will only ever show your organic post to 10% of your followers. If you want to reach any more than this, you will have to pay or cross your fingers crossed it goes viral!

FAST Advertising on Facebook will start almost immediately, this is something you will fail to see with almost any other marketing method. On completion of your ad set-up, Facebook will put it under review. This consists of checking the content and the message and, if it is successful, your advert will be running within minutes!

Better yet, you will start to see your audience insights almost immediately, allowing you to make sure your ads are reaching the right people from the onset.

WORKS ALONGSIDE ALL OTHER MARKETING EFFORTS Last but certainly not least, Facebook Ads work in synchron- isation with all your other marketing effort; they are not a stand-alone method. You can run print marketing, search marketing and radio marketing with the same content as you use on Facebook, spreading your message far and wide and keeping your brand message and image relevant.

If that hasn’t convinced you of the importance Facebook paid marketing plays in a business’s overall marketing strategy, then we don’t know what will!

For more information on social ads visit or email


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