But it didn’t stop there... no no! There was yet another meeting immediately arranged for ten days later to effectively ask: “Are you sure you want to remove the Temporary lanes’ with an agenda packed with all the reasons and supposed conse- quences of doing just that. There was even the threat of a possible Judicial Review.

There was also the threat that the government would not provide any further funding for such projects if the bike lane was removed. Well that has yet to be seen.

It would not be fair to pick on any particular Green councillor as they are absolutely entitled to their own beliefs and of course they were elected to be in those positions. And I can ignore the evangelical preaching of ‘I’ve seen the light’. Yeah OK, then go and preach to China matey.

However I do have to mention the Green Councillor chair of the Environment Transport and Sustainability committee, whom I won’t name as I was shocked when I witnessed what can only be described as her unprofessional, grumpy and petulant manner throughout the two meetings on the bike lanes and what many others considered to be an insulting attitude towards one of the opposition councillors.

I have to make the point that I am not the only person who considers this and there is now a local petition set up to get her to resign. This is certainly a lesson for a 24-year-old councillor whom I understand is studying to be a lawyer.

Be gracious in defeat my dear.

But you have to hand it to the Greens that they made every effort to keep the ‘Temporary’ bike lane in place and from now on the people of the city will be acutely aware that when the Greens use the word ‘Temporary’ they actually mean ‘Permanent’.

Nonetheless...since the decision to remove the bike lane we have suffered the wrath of the Green Party here with various claims of nobody caring about the burning planet, which is odd as the bike lane in OSR caused terrible jams because having been a two-lane road this was now reduced to a single lane. For anyone to ignore the extra pollution this caused is beyond reasonable thinking.


I wish the very best of luck to Mr Sallons as a candidate for the Green Party because we need people just like him in the same way we need a hole in the head, mind you, where would we stuff our cornflakes in the morning if we didn’t have one?

Andy Peters Brighton & Hove Cab Trade Association

What is very certain is that the council here must learn a very valuable lesson: to think before it jumps and to look at the long term consequences of trying to manipulate a situation for its own agenda, and also to use a dictionary to see exactly what ‘Temporary’ actually means. And by the way... I am also a cyclist.

The seafront bike lane is actually worse with a major bottle neck of two lanes turning into one and I dread getting caught up in it because a two-minute ride can now easily become ten minutes, and yet the Greens deny this causes extra pollution. The fact remains that the Greens just hate cars - even electric ones so I have been told.

And lastly I would like to introduce to you Green Party candidate Mr Alexandra Sallons - note the green theme this month, which I assure you is an absolute coincidence - who is apparently a very keen cyclist and was locally reported to have had some kind of altercation with a taxi driver in Hove (no witnesses known to date). Mr Sallons decided to snatch the cabs keys and take them to the local police station. The police apparently took no action and did not regard this as theft. However I have since been informed - and I state that this is taken in good faith - that there was a three-hour gap between snatching the keys and handing them into the police station.

Now nobody but Mr Sallons and the taxi driver knows what actually happened, but to me snatching the keys and allegedly leaving a three hour gap to hand them in is in my mind simply theft. I imagine that this Green party candidate had time to mull over the situation and thought it would be better to hand the keys in, albeit three hours later.

If I’m wrong about this then I will be more than happy to make a correction next month and I have already reached out to Mr Sallons for further details but at the time of writing this I have had nothing back. But anyway, you can make your own mind up about this with the full story at: @cabsbrighton


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