Social, digital and design agency Curtis Gabriel shares its top tips for targeted paid ads on social media.

Social media channels use a lot of data to help them decide what adverts to show their users: what pages you interact with, your age, your location and what apps you use. Some- times the adverts you are shown can be scarily precise - this is down to Facebook being able to use data from other websites to see what you have viewed previously. So that car you just viewed online will now pop up all over your social accounts!

So, how can you take advantage of features like these? Paid adverts on social media can get you in front of the exact audience you want to reach. So, whether you want to increase brand awareness, encourage app downloads or to increase bookings; your paid advertising strategy is not one to forget about.

Facebook splits its adverts into three types: awareness, consideration and conversions. We have picked the ad cate- gories and types we find most useful so you can give it a go!

AWARENESS – REACH Sometimes a business just needs to get in front of as many relevant faces as possible to get its name known. Awareness campaigns on Facebook allow you to do just this and, with the help of ‘Reach’, you can make sure you’ll be getting in front as many people in your target audience as possible.

Seeing a large number of potential views on your adverts can be exciting and ‘Reach’ will allow you to see just that but remember, you want to get in front of people who’ll actually be interested in your business. So, if you are a Newcastle taxi firm, there is no point in making your ads appear to people in Birmingham. You may see higher figures, but you’ll have spent money on an audience that will never convert.

CONSIDERATION - APP DOWNLOADS If you feel you’ve got your brand in front of enough people and now want to get them to purchase from your business, consideration adverts should be your businesses go-to.

For those in the taxi industry with an app they want to push, App Download adverts allow you to link your advert directly to the app store. It’s then down to you to select the imagery to use and come up with the text that will convert viewers!

If you have enough people who have already downloaded your app but you aren’t getting the number of bookings you were hoping for, through use of the Facebook SDK, you can run app engagement advertising. Create some captivating copy and creatives to entice people back onto your app.


CONSIDERATION – DRIVER RECRUITMENT Social media is your one-stop-shop to hit two very important audiences: passengers and drivers. Through Facebook, you can target certain demographics including current job title and key behaviours/interests. This formulates the perfect platform to target either existing licensed drivers or those who may be interested in joining the industry.

Tailor-made lead generation forms on Facebook can sumarise and suit your requirements, designed to identify drivers who would best represent your brand.

If you have a driver sign-up section on your website, another way of driving sign-ups is to utilise web traffic campaigns to direct potential drivers to this portal. Utilise your Facebook Pixel to track these candidates and their behaviour on your site those who don’t convert now can be retargeted later!

Combine these techniques with some captivating visuals which highlight your core USPs, and watch your fleet grow!

CONVERSIONS This one is pretty self-explanatory; you have the attention you need and now you just need those looking to make a purchase. There are a range of conversion options available; for taxis, we use ‘Conversions’ to track phone calls, app downloads, page views, sales and more!

If conversions are how you measure your return on investment, it is vital you have all the steps in place to measure them correctly. Facebook will give you the choice to install a pixel on your website; this will be what tracks all actions taken once a user lands on the page. Without the pixel you will not receive a real view of what your ads have achieved.

To get conversions you want to be reaching the most suitable audience; if you have run any of the previous campaigns, you will be able to analyse which parts of your audience interacts most with your business and then take this information and apply it to these new adverts.

Have you ever scrolled down Facebook and noticed adverts popping up for something you looked at last week? This is called remarketing. This is one of the most powerful ways to advertise on Facebook.

REMARKETING When you create an advert on Facebook you have the ability to reach people who have already been on your website. With this knowledge you can be pretty confident that they are in the consideration stage of the buyers’ journey and soon will be converting. Let this knowledge influence the advert copy and images that you use, you want to appear as the best possible solution to this user’s problem. Offer a discount or exclusivity to get them over the line.


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