 Breathe Therapies, cautions that work-related stresses can affect the mental health of any employee, which can cause changes in their thoughts, mood and behaviour.

She says: “The workplace can have a  health, as it may provide them with a sense of purpose and opportunities to connect with new people and make friends.

“However, work-related stress, depression or anxiety can be a harmful reaction people experience due to pressures and demands placed on them through their jobs.”

 Professional, has seen employers take their responsibilities more seriously in recent years: “Whether it be as a result of the pandemic or otherwise it certainly has risen 

“Employers are much more open and engaging on matters relating to mental health. They are upskilling themselves so as to best support the workforce.

“The move was happening before the pandemic and has just accelerated.”

Tommy McIlravey, chief executive of mental health charity Lancashire Mind, makes it clear that good practice is about more than dealing with unwell employees.

 businesses have all sorts of preventative measures in place to try to reduce the risk of someone becoming physically unwell  aiders to take action but what do they have in place to prevent poor mental health?”

Paul Nugent, chief executive of Santé Group, champions a holistic approach. He says: “The ideal starting point is to have a comprehensive health and wellbeing strategy in place which provides a framework for looking after employees.

“The strategy can be based on several themes or pillars but should really take into consideration prevention, intervention and protection.

“A prevention initiative could be a simple but regular health assessment or staff surveys. Intervention could be an employee assistance type programme that helps deal with any issues.

“Protection is more about having health, life  that do really make a difference – such as income protection or private medical care.”

Cheryle Britton, founder of YOLO Wellbeing, says: “Wellbeing services will play a huge role in helping to support businesses as they get our economy back on its feet.

“Looking at the companies we’re working with, I’m thrilled to say they’re thriving. They recognise that happy and healthy employees have a crucial role to play in business success.”

VEKA, the windows and doors manufacturer which is one of the county’s largest employers, is one such business, overseeing its team at Burnley with the care and attention that it feels a family-owned business should.

Gabriela Hammond, head of human resources, says: “We introduced a new brand positioning statement, ‘We Care We Act,’

 our business coped during the pandemic and the importance of the people around us.

 helping everyone understand mental health a little more and so our team leaders have been trained in mental health awareness.

Our two human resources business partners  accreditations will be rolled out department by department during 2021.”

Blackburn-based chartered accountants Beever and Struthers engaged with The Vibrancy Hub in 2019 to deliver several wellbeing sessions over a 12-month period..

A company-wide wellness survey and one- to-one consultations led to the creation of a cycle to work scheme, readily available fresh fruit, lunchtime walking and running groups - with employees encouraged to start groups centred around their own hobbies.

There are proven

mental wellbeing benefits of being amongst people

A clear path of communication gives employees regular feedback on their performance and the chance for them to raise concerns.

 to provide a working environment that promotes and supports the mental health and wellbeing of all employees as addressing workplace mental wellbeing can help strengthen the positive, protective factors of employment, reduce risk factors for mental ill-health and improve general health.”

But can what works for some of Lancashire’s most established businesses  that make up our economy?

 Mattioli Woods, believes so. He says: “While it is understandable that employers may feel  for addressing employee wellbeing, this could be a false economy as failure to address the issue may end up costing far more.

“Taking some simple steps to improve employee wellbeing can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and also ensure good employees are retained therefore reducing the employer spend on managing absentees and also recruiting new employees.”

And while it’s easy to discuss the pandemic on a macro level, Tom Wilcox of Physiofusion urges people not to forget that  affected by the virus.

  ten after 12 weeks. Only two-thirds are able to return to normal work after three weeks.

Tom says: “It’s important not to sweep the human cost under the carpet and focus on numbers, productivity and workforce statistics. If you help the human, you help the numbers, so being supportive has never been more essential and never made more sense.”


Cheryle Britton Founder, YOLO Wellbeing


yolowellbeing /company/yolo-wellbeing


If I ask you to stop for a moment and think about how you are feeling, how would you answer?

We start our Home Working Health and Wellbeing sessions with this question to bring awareness to our physical and emotional wellbeing, because being conscious of our health is more likely to prompt a positive reaction to improve it.

The global pandemic triggered a stress response  mode to deal with the immediacy of the crisis.

A year on, this prolonged period of elevated stress is causing pandemic fatigue.

Where businesses recognise the connection between poor employee wellbeing and the impact on business health, we see the motivation to address it.

 unaffordable luxury’, think of a runner with a sprained ankle. An injured athlete would not compete in a race, or if they did, they would not be performing at their best.

If your employees are suffering from fatigue and stress there is a higher risk of them taking time off, or at best limping along in a state of presenteeism.

The 2018 NHSA Health for Wealth report  hour gap in productivity (or £1.20 per hour) between the Northern Powerhouse and the rest of England is due to ill-health.

 that every £1 investment employers make in supporting employee mental health returns £5 in reduced presenteeism, absenteeism and staff turnover.

If your answer to my initial question is “fatigued” or “stressed”, it is likely your teams are feeling our unique YOLO Wellbeing services can reduce stress and energise your teams with rewarding and personalised experiences.

For more information please visit

or call 01772 283139



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