Advanced Engineering showcases key markets for lubricant industry

From automotive and industrial lubricants to metalworking fluids, greases and base stocks, the UK consumes an estimated 570,000 metric tons of lubricants each year. Here we talk to Easyfairs new industrial divisional director, Alison Willis, about why Advanced Engineering 2017 is the number one show for the lubrication industry.

Now in its 9th year, the Advanced Engineering Show at the NEC in Birmingham, between 1-2 November, is the UK’s largest annual gathering of advanced engineering professionals. It connects the entire UK’s advanced engineering supply chain with R&D, design, test, production and procurement from large and small companies, through to top tier industry players in a two-day free-to-attend exhibition and high level conference.

So, why is the show a must for the lubricant industry?

Engineering is a key market for lubricants and with five co-located zones under one roof - Aero Engineering, Composites Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Performance Metals Engineering - and new for 2017, Connected Manufacturing which focuses on Industry 4.0 – there’s plenty of opportunity at Advanced Engineering 2017 to strike business deals and network.

Last year saw over 700 supply chain partners and thousands of engineers, procurement managers and senior decision makers from OEMs and higher tier companies all looking to source, specify and invest in the most up-to-date products and explore the latest industry innovations.

From automotive and industrial lubricants to metalworking fluids, greases and base stocks, lubricants are used widely in advanced engineering to separate moving parts; reduce friction; transfer heat; carry


away contaminants and debris; transmit power or to protect against wear and prevent corrosion, be it in automotive, industrial or aerospace.

Alison Willis, Easyfairs new industrial divisional director, explains: “Engineering is a key market for lubricants. 570,000 metric tones of lubricant is used each year in the UK, making it the second largest European market behind Germany. Metalworking, greases and industrial lubrication in gears and bearings make up a significant proportion of lubricants used in the UK. Many of the companies at Advanced Engineering invest in machinery running into the tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of pounds, so they need the correct lubrication to ensure machine life is maximized, downtime is reduced and production efficiencies are gained.”

But what does an industry insider think of the show? With exhibitors such as Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies, Kemet, Pexa and Evonik, David Wright, Director General of the UK Lubricants Association (UKLA) - a supporting association of Advanced Engineering - thinks the show is an important part of the industry’s calendar. “The engineering sector remains a vital market for all aspects of lubricants and lubrication. Ensuring production efficiencies and realising returns from significant investments in industrial equipment, lies at the heart of the contribution that lubricants make to this important sector of manufacturing’.” says David.

So, are there any other new aspects to the show this year? “We’re really proud of the expanded Enabling Innovation hub which is hosted by Magna International,” says Alison. “It’s a dedicated area for up to 50 carefully selected SMEs and micro businesses across all industries who’ve


never exhibited at the show before, are at the prototyping stage of product development and on the look-out for investors.”

And what about the show’s speakers? It’s well known that Advanced Engineering has the largest open engineering conference programme in the UK. Last year 200 speakers were featured across six theatres, covering the entire spectrum of engineering and this year promises to deliver an equally thrilling line-up.

So, to sum up, what makes the show such as success year-on-year? “It’s about giving exhibitors and visitors what they want,” says Alison, “For exhibitors from the lubrication industry, Advanced Engineering is the UK’s number one event to showcase their expertise to a primed audience of motivated and ready to buy attendees. And for visitors, it’s about seeing exciting innovations in lubrication technology and networking opportunities. Each year we strive to surpass expectations – that’s our secret!”

Visit to register for your free ticket and find out for yourself why Advanced Engineering 2017 is a must for anyone working in the lubrication industry.


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