The European Base Oils and Lubricants Interactive pre-summit report

The European Base Oils and Lubricants Interactive Summit for the last 8 years has successfully established itself as a platform to bring together the entire value chain ecosystem from leading base oil producers, lubricant blenders, and OEMs to additive suppliers, trade and distribution companies, market analysts, and industry innovators.

Working closely with our distinguished agenda Committee made up of some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders, has allowed us to put together an agenda that is rich in content and interactive in format that will add unique value to each attendee experience. Participants will also have the exclusive opportunity to visit the Q8 Oils State-Of-The-Art Blending Plant in Antwerp.

Held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel overlooking the skyline of Antwerp, the highly anticipated 2017 European and Base Oils Summit will feature:

• Interactive new format: we have stream-lined the agenda to meet industry demand by creating a series of interactive sessions.

• 250+ attendees and 15 exhibitors.

• Richer content: 50+ innovative thinkers and practitioners will deliver greater breadth and depth on crucial topics impacting the European base oils and lubricants market, with a wider focus on Industrial Lubricants and Automotive lubricants.

• Parallel sessions: will focus on the latest developments in the key sectors within the market including strategic perspectives from the Middle East, CIS and Russia Markets, Industrial lubricants, Bio Lubricants and Automotive Lubricants. Moreover the more intimate sessions will allow for delegates to “lean in” and have in-depth discussions with likeminded peers.

• New structured networking opportunities : including lunch roundtables by product and region, meet and greet, bingo and speed networking.

• Targeted workshop: with more OEMs currently serving on ACI’s 2017 Agenda Committee than on that of any other base oils and lubricants conference worldwide. The summit for the first time will look to host a dedicated OEMs workshop. This “event within an event” will bring together leading industry players from base oil and lubricant blender communities to advance their vision and continue driving a dialogue between the two spaces. Speakers and delegates attending the workshop will have the opportunity to carry out discussions and meetings in an intimate, informal setting.

Millers Oils

celebrates its 130th year in business

2017 marks Millers Oils 130th year in business. The business has a long and rich history and has always kept its roots firmly in Brighouse, Yorkshire.

The Millers family alone, aside from the business, have a fascinating history with all sorts of hobbies and interests that show the true passion for innovation that the family held. Two members of the Millers family ran a successful outboard racing team throughout the 1920’s which was used to also promote the Millers Oils Pistoneeze range. Little did they know it would be re-launched in 2016 as part of the Classic range. Another family member was part of the Huddersfield Society of Model Engineers creating a steam train named ‘The Duchess of Brighouse’, which was later owned by Richard Daltry and is now a permanent resident at The Great Cockcrow Railway. Having such passionate people driving the business from such an early stage is a vast part of the company’s success.


Today, Millers Oils is a highly innovative independent manufacturer of market leading advanced oils and fuel treatments. Since the early days the business has gone through extensive developments to bring it into the modern marketplace. In 1973 building started on an extension of the oil blending plant and it was built almost entirely by Millers Oils staff. Even Robert Miller, grandson of the founding member and chairman from 1966-2007, donned his overalls to pitch in.

In 2011 the company opened up a Research and Development laboratory, an excellent resource to continually develop new products. The technical team who work in the research centre provide an analysis service for customers, quality control and carry out comparative research. Millers Oils has had significant success with their products incorporating nano technology. This venture began with the Motorsport range which was titled ‘Nanodrive’. This range was and has been award winning, being awarded ‘The Most Innovative New Product’ at the World Motorsport Symposium, winning the ‘Technology and Innovation’ award at the Motorsport Industry Awards and the ‘Queen’s Award for Enterprise’.


Millers Oils have been celebrating their anniversary in various ways throughout the year. There was a minute long radio advert launched on Yorkshire station Hallam FM which celebrates their heritage as well as the varying product ranges available. Mainly, Millers have been promoting their best assets – their people. This can be seen on their online and social platforms where they introduce their staff members to the world with a personal profile.

The success of Millers Oils has always revolved around its people and it has, as a company, always recognised the value that highly skilled and motivated staff bring to its innovative products and business. 2017 is a very special year for the company and Millers Oils look forward to many more anniversaries in the future.


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