UKLA President’s Report

I would like to thank Steve Mayo for the previous twelve months of his presidency; he has done a great job. Like Steve I too have writers block when it comes to this task, however onwards. Picking up on Steve’s last President’s report where he urged suppliers and distributors to engage with the UKLA more, I would like to reiterate this message.

I would also ask our current members to think about our industry’s future in terms of fresh talent. Over the last four years we have had respectively seven nominations, one nomination, three nominations, and three again for our Young Employee of the Year Award. Not many in other words, especially when the cut off age is thirty years.

I would like to engage the help of the team at UKLA House as well as everyone out there to think of ways of attracting newcomers into our industry in order to help future proof for years to come.

We know that the future of conventional passenger vehicles with petrol and diesel engines will have to change by 2040, but

there is still a huge lubricants market place that will need looking after.

At Millers Oils we created our own Academy for training purposes which sources mainly recently graduated students from a variety of backgrounds, and undergoes fairly intensive classroom sessions in many aspects of lubricants and lubrication, as well as the more practical side of blending, manufacturing and logistics. Students at the end of the program have ended with a sales role, but on our second induction we have also identified more general business roles. This seems to be working for us at Millers, at least. The training modules are formally scripted by our own staff in order to have consistency however many times we run the sessions. Food for thought maybe?

Martyn Mann UKLA President

UEIL President’s Report

These past months have been very intense and productive for our Association.

First, we have completed the transition to the new Secretariat. The selection process has been thorough and has engaged the whole Board. I am confident that the new Secretariat team has the competence, dedication and commitment to support our strive towards a continuous increase of the value that we provide to our members. In the magazine, you can read more about the background of the team and of course you will have the opportunity to meet them in person at our General Assembly and Congress in October.

Another important activity during the first part of the year has regarded the UEIL Industry Statistics.

As you may know, last year UEIL decided to take full ownership of the process of producing industry statistics, given the strategic relevance of reliable sector data. As the European association for the lubricant industry, it is an important part of UEIL’s mission to provide reliable data for national as well as EU policy makers, and inform decision makers on the strategic issues that our industry is facing.

The Statistics committee members have been chosen to secure the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience of the lubricant industry. Apu Gosalia, Vice President Sustainability & Intelligence with FUCHS PETROLUB, has been appointed as Chairman of the UEIL Industry Statistics Committee. In Apu’s interview you can read more about the new committee and Apu’s ambitions for the new Industry Statistics.

The new UEIL Industry Statistics use a sophisticated algorithm developed to estimate valid and reliable data to supplement

data that already exists from official sources. The model is based on 49 independent variables and the sources of data that feed the model are wide-ranging, in order to provide a solid fundament for an accurate data estimate. Local country characteristics are considered in the new and improved data model, to account for the different nature of national economies across Europe. The 2015 and 2016 data sets have been produced based on the new, more sophisticated model which has a significantly higher level of accuracy than previous estimates, with the number of independent variables used having increased from 24 to 49. The number of countries included has now reached 18, and more countries will be added each year, with the final ambition of providing comprehensive market data for the lubricant industry for all countries of the EU 28, as well as Turkey and Eastern European countries.

Finally, we have finalised the programme for the Congress that will take place on October 25-27 in Bologna, Italy. The theme of the Congress will be Innovation and Sustainability and we have secured an impressive line-up of speakers that will share different perspectives on innovation and sustainability within the lubricant industry, in a very varied and stimulating program.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in Bologna in October! Benvenuti!

Valentina Serra-Holm UEIL President



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