INNOVATIONS The latest vacuum cleaner and scrubber drier innovations from Diversey make it easier than ever before to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of floors in every setting. Like all of Diversey’s TASKI floorcare machines they offer class-leading performance, efficiency and economy.

The new TASKI AERO tub vacuum cleaner is believed to be the quietest and most energy-efficient machine currently available on the professional cleaning market. The four models in the range produce only 53dB(A) of sound and utilise just 585W of electrical power in standard mode yet produce as much cleaning suction as machines rated at 1000W or more. In

‘eco’ mode they produce just 50dB(A) and consume a mere 295W. On energy savings alone, they can pay for themselves in under three years.

The range’s eight and fifteen litre tank capacity models meet demand for vacuums that comply with the stringent sound and energy limits specified in EU Regulations EU665/2013 and EU666/2013, in force from September 2017.

The TASKI AERO vacuum’s revolutionary design ensures the maximum amount of air is used to create suction at the cleaning head. By redesigning the machine’s internal airways, TASKI engineers eliminated the constrictions and points of leakage that reduce efficiency and produce unnecessary noise. Newly-designed components and ultra-efficient electric motors further boost efficiency and cut noise. This combination of patented designs and components is called ‘whisper technology’.

Cleaning teams who require a highly portable vacuum can specify the versatile TASKI AERO BACKPACK electric and lithium battery models. These compact and ergonomic backpack vacuums are among the lightest and smallest machines of their type on the market, enabling comfortable and efficient use in busy, confined and congested areas. This makes it ideal for applications in hospitals, restaurants, cinemas or theatres. It is also ideal when rapid turnaround is essential, such as cleaning aircraft, trains and buses.

The TASKI AERO BACKPACK is available in mains or, for maximum portability, rechargeable Lithium- Ion battery powered versions. The battery model’s continuous runtime of over 30 minutes reduces downtime and maximises productivity. Rapid recharging, during breaks for example, helps maximise availability.

Noise levels are less

than 61dBa and 66dBa for battery and mains powered models respectively, quieter than most competitor machines and well below the new EU Directive’s requirements. The electric version is rated at 700W, using less power than most competitor models while producing more airflow to deliver more cleaning suction. Energy rated at A+ and with excellent performance, the TASKI AERO BACKPACK aims to set the benchmark for all other manufacturers to compare against.

Diversey’s new TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 hands-free robotic floor care machine is at least 40% more productive than the previous SWINGOBOT 1650 model. This means facilities can clean their floors effectively and consistently in even less time than before. It liberates cleaning staff from mundane and repetitive floor cleaning so they can focus on higher level cleaning and other value-added tasks.

The TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 operates autonomously utilising sonar, 2D LIDAR, touch-shield sensors and floor-detector sensors. It avoids obstacles in its path and intelligently stops as soon as it detects any change in its environment.

The machine is also equipped with numerous intelligent TASKI functions as standard: TASKI IntelliTrail fleet management offers managers remote access to all machine location, activity and critical service information; TASKI Intelli-Trak enables operators to measure the machine’s on-site performance and manage software updates remotely; TASKI IntelliDose closed-pouch dilution control system enables the use of highly-sustainable ultra-concentrate formulations for any task - solutions are always prepared automatically to the correct specification for optimum performance with no wastage; TASKI IntelliFlow technology ensures the correct amount of solution is applied to the floor according to the speed of the machine, reducing wastage and helping ensure the floor is dry after cleaning and ready for immediate use.


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