WHAT’S NEW? Safelincs Wins Contract with

Meadowhall Retail Centre Safelincs has won a contract to supply to replace all steel fire extinguishers at the Meadowhall indoor retail centre, on the outskirts of Sheffield, with 75 P50 foam extinguishers.

These service-free appliances are proving increasingly popular due to their unique construction. During their 10-year guaranteed life, they never require a service by a technician nor a refill after five years. Made from a composite material, that will not rust or corrode; they only require an annual inspection which can be undertaken by one of Meadowhall’s own employees. After ten years they can be refurbished and used for a further 10 years.

Meadowhall covers 1.5 million sq ft of floor space and features 230 stores from top independent and international brands, 50 places to eat and drink and an 11 screen cinema. It has 12,000 free parking spaces, directly accessed via road, rail and tram.

A two-year £60m refurbishment programme provided a smarter, brighter and more vibrant environment, with more natural light. The overhaul has made it easier for customers to find their way around the centre and is visually much more pleasing.

As part of the refurbishment programme, Lee Bennett, Health and Safety Manager, carried out a review of existing fire precautions across the centre. This included reviewing the number and type of fire extinguishers.

“As with all our purchases, we put it out to tender,” commented Lee. “Safelincs impressed us with their knowledge and professionalism. And there was no hard sell. They carried out a free site survey and gave us a free quote.”

The use of the powerful P50 foam extinguishers, which can be used safely on electrical equipment (max 1000V and 1m safety distance), has reduced the number of extinguishers in the centre by about 40%. The foam P50 extinguisher is versatile and can be used on all the likely types of fire that would be found in a retail environment.

However, the massive cost savings brought about by not requiring

external engineer servicing, and by reducing the number of extinguishers, was not Lee’s only consideration.

“Security continues to be a major factor at Meadowhall,” he said. “Being able to maintain these in house enables us to reduce the number of external contractors we need to allow on to site into restricted areas.”

Harry Dewick-Eisele, Managing Director, Safelincs said: “We are the sole online supplier for the P50 and have a large number of customers who have embraced its advantages. These range from a cinema chain and one of the most exclusive apartment blocks in London to a university, a prestigious public school and a pig breeding farm.

“When you add up the savings customers make over the years it runs into millions of pounds.”

Welcoming the Workplace: BIFM Members Vote

for Change Members of the British Institute of Facilities Management have voted to approve its Board’s recommendation to change the Institute’s name to the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM).

A Manifesto for Change, unveiled by Chairman Steve Roots on 1st March, which set out to reframe facilities management by emphasising its ability to make a real contribution to organisations’ performance has been supported by members

who voted overwhelmingly to adopt the new name.

The Manifesto sets the Institute the twin tasks of helping members improve their skills and their status to meet the needs of modern organisations; and raising the profile of facilities management and the value it contributes. It also signals a commitment to work towards members’ desire for the profession to achieve Chartered Body status, confirming that the FM profession is well established and is capable of recognition in its own right.

Research on the current FM landscape, its future, its relationship

to workplace and the role BIFM should play showed that, against a background of unprecedented change, FM has built a track record which highlights its contribution to organisational success. The research also identified a clear desire for FM to be operating in a different, more strategic, space – as value creator, not cost centre.

The Special Resolution, which required the support of more than 75% of eligible voting members to succeed, was passed at AGM in Manchester. With 7.5k eligible voters, a total of 700 people voted at the AGM. TOMORROW’S FM | 17

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