INVISTA Antron Lumena carpet fibre is favoured by carpet manufacturers for its design flexibility and assured performance across a broad range of commercial environments. With 19 new colours added in 2018, the carpet fibre is offering designers even more creative flexibility.

With permanent stain and fade-resistance, Antron Lumena is solution- dyed, where the colour is part of the fibre’s molecular structure and so Antron works to make sure that the palette available to carpet designers is both commercially relevant and future-proof.

The 1385dtex Antron Lumena carpet fibre now has 19 new colours driven by the results of its work into colour, presenting tone-on-tone nuances and powerful high-impact hues and bringing more than 200 different options for carpet designers to experiment with. From metallic shades in mineral, silver and granite that would make excellent functional bases, through to flashes of vibrant fuchsia, oceanside and citron; the new colours work to provide a rich resource.

With the Global Colour Trend Forecast, now in its fifth edition, INVISTA Antron works with leading trend forecasters to present colour themes impacting commercial interiors; while customer feedback, workshops and the efforts of its global development team also help to shape the colours available to designers.

Heike Schmidt, Product Development, INVISTA Antron carpet fibre, said: “When developing palettes for Antron Lumena, we must first present a balance between functional, almost workman colours and those designed to serve as highlights or bold feature blocks, while ensuring that any introductions reflect global workplace trends.” Tweet us @TContractFloors


Replacing BAL’s stable of rapid-setting and pourable adhesives, BAL Rapid-Flex One and BAL Pourable One provide users with the speed of a fast-track finish – grouting after only three hours. They also deliver ultimate control, providing longer open and working times.

BAL Rapid-Flex One and BAL Pourable One are only available in a new, unique, white colour tone, making them suitable for all installations (without the need for separate grey and white variants). Together with being both flexible and deformable, these products are perfect for fixing most types of tiles including porcelain, ceramic and natural stone.

Uniquely, BAL Rapid Flex-One provides an extended open time of 30 minutes (three times the open time of most rapidsets) and a working time of 60 minutes (twice the working time of most rapidsets), yet it still has a three-hour set time to allow grouting to begin.

This solves the biggest problems for end-users; satisfying the need to finish jobs quickly with a fast setting-time, but crucially providing significantly longer open and working times. This means more time to adjust tiles and tolerance for real-life site conditions.

BAL Pourable One is BAL’s new and improved alternative to BAL Stone & Tile PTB with the new all-white formulation – making it perfect for flooring installation with light, translucent stone.

Easy to mix, pour and spread, it is highly flexible and can be used up to a bed depth of 25mm, meaning it can be used with uncalibrated large format and natural stone tiles – as well as on uneven floors. AWARDS 2019 07

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